Rob Dyrdek was born June 28, 1974 in Kettering, Ohio. At the age of 11, he picked up a skateboard and began riding. Twenty-four days later, he won his first competition. Dyrdek soon became the youngest member of the G and S Skateboard team. While on the amateur circuit, he met skateboarder and local hero, Neil Blender. Dyrdek and Blender became friends and came up with idea to start a pro skate team in Ohio, which they dubbed Alien Workshop. Dyrdek turned pro for Alien Workshop at 16 and his first competition at the 1991 World Championships, he placed fourth.

At 18, Dyrdek moved to California and started several companies, including Orion Trucks. Dyrdek soon was given the opportunity to design a line of signature skate shoes. Nearly 30 shoe designs later, the DC Shoes empire evolved and put skate style on the map. In addition to the various business ventures, he was featured in the skateboarding film, "The DC Video." Dyrdek also wrote and appeared in a skit for the film which starred him and spawned the emergence of his bodyguard, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. The two hit it off instantly and they have been an unstoppable team ever since.

Despite his numerous entrepreneurial endeavors, Dyrdek never lost his dedication to the sport of skateboarding itself. In his mid-20s, Dyrdek returned to competing and founded the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation -- an organization seeking to build skate parks for young skaters. In June 2005, the 40,000 square foot Kettering Skate Plaza opened and provided street skateboarders a legal place to hone their skills. The Skate Plaza even won the Modernism Award from Dwell Magazine for Dyrdek's design work.

While designing the skate park, Dyrdek also developed his feature length film about skateboarding, Street Dreams. The story is about a young skater from the Midwest who is suddenly faced with national exposure and personal adversity, loosely based on Dyrdek's own rise to fame. He is also appearing in an upcoming DeNiro/Pacino film, Righteous Kill, due for release in 2008.

The list of current Dyrdek involvement consists of: endorsements including Spy Optics, Alien Workshop and Monster Energy Drinks; co-owner of Rogue Status clothing company; involvement with his own companies, Reflex Bearings and Silver Trucks; feature character in "Skate," a revolutionary new video game from EA Sports; promoter of SafeSpot, an urban renewal program that seeks to take unused donated land and build safe skating grounds for street skateboarders; and raising awareness of his self-produced documentary, "Groundbreaking," which serves as a reference for kids to lobby for skate plazas in their cities.

Don't expect Rob to let up anytime soon. All he has to do is look down at the tattoo on his arm to be reminded that he has to be"relentless" in everything he does. If he described himself in one word, relentless: the epitome of one that does, not wishes.