Peter Rosenberg

In the nearly five years that he has been on New York's HOT 97, Peter Rosenberg has made an indelible mark on New York radio and the global hip-hop landscape. His voice can be heard every weekday morning on The Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show with K Foxx, a morning show that is revolutionizing urban radio, and every Sunday night on Real Late with Rosenberg. What has endeared him to people most has been his undying passion for everything he covers, whether it's hip hop, sports, professional wrestling, comedy, politics or entertainment. And that passion isn't only heard on the radio.

As the host of MTV2's weekly series What's Good, he's downloading viewers on everything that's happening this coming weekend. And now as the host of Hip Hop Squares, he'll use his quick wit, hip hop know how, and his relationship with these artists to make each and every show a party.