The Maxx is a homeless man who once stumbled upon a strange purple mask. Once he put the mask on his face, his world changed. In the real world, Maxx lives in a cardboard box in an alley. But sometimes, he wanders off into an imaginary world called the Outback that exists only inside his head. In the Outback, also known as Pangaea, he rules with power while back in the city, he only acts like a superhero, which often lands him in trouble with the police.

Maxx has no memory of his past life nor does he remember what he looks like underneath his mask. His amnesia frightens him and makes him vulnerable; for this reason, he does not remove the mask. Sometimes, Maxx gets the feeling that his mask and boots are alive. This causes him to paranoid and distressed, making him a tortured superhero of the streets. His mind wanders often and he is habitually confused.

Maxx has many human qualities; he is sensitive and has a lot of feelings. He also really enjoys cartoons. His only real defense comes from his two large claws and big feet, making him less capable than standard superheroes. Even so, he continues to fight for the weak and helpless against criminals and predators; after all, he is the Maxx.