Mark L. Young

Born in Washington, Mark L. Young started acting when he was 9 years old, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting at the age of 12. His first on-screen credit was a very small role in two episodes of the HBO series 'Six Feet Under.' Other significant appearances include such shows as 'The OC,' 'Dexter,' 'Big Love,' 'Children's Hospital,' 'Heroes,' 'Secret Life of the American Teenager,' 'Cold Case,' 'ER' and 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.' In the feature film world, Mark has already gained quite a few big credits to his young name. In 2008, he starred as Randy in the over-the-top teen comedy 'Sex Drive' for Summit Entertainment, as Tim Robbins' son in the Lionsgate feature 'The Lucky Ones,' and a lead role in Adam Sherman's ('Wristcutters') film 'Happiness Runs.'