Mackenzie, 18, is the all-American popular cheerleader from the small town of Miami in Oklahoma. As the young mom to a one-year-old boy named Gannon, Mackenzie navigates entering motherhood with the help of her mom, Angie, and the rest of her supportive Christian family. Although she has ample help raising her son, Mackenzie is on her own when it comes to matters of the heart with the father of her son, Josh. Mackenzie and Josh begin to hit rough patches in their relationship due to a lack of communication, which drives them to briefly break-up and re-evaluate their relationship.

As Mackenzie grows more frustrated, she does everything possible to get Josh to pay more attention to their family, causing tension to form between her and her parents. As Mackenzie's junior year of high school progresses she learns quickly that balancing school, cheerleading, motherhood, and keeping tabs on her non-communicative boyfriend is wearing on the fun her teenage years should be about.