As an incredibly talented fashion designer and writer living in San Francisco, Kaylin has overcome more in her young age than most do in a lifetime. Before her 24th birthday, Kaylin battled two entirely different forms of primary cancer. It brought her down, but absolutely not out.

Now doubling down on life, Kaylin is planning to move across the country Brooklyn, New York in order to make her fashion dreams a reality. She'll be leaving behind her family, her friends...and her health insurance. And adding storyteller to her resume, Kaylin is working on a graphic novel about her experience with cancer that takes an irreverent look at the world of a cancer-fighting heroine.

Jenks will be with Kaylin as she struggles to find a paying job, a publisher for her graphic novel, and prepares for her debut show as a designer in the fashion capital of the world.

Beautiful, talented, and blessed with a wicked sense of humor, Kaylin quickly becomes one of the most extraordinary and inspiring individuals that Jenks has ever met.