Jordan Schur

Jordan Schur, head of Suretone Records, is a heavyweight music-business veteran who has worked with the likes of Limp Bizkit, Weezer, blink-182, Ashlee Simpson and The Cure. He's a ferocious competitor who's fiercely protective of the artists he represents -- ie: he's the first guy you'd want on your team and the last man you'd want to mess with.

Jordan, former president of Geffen Records and founder of Flip Records, took rising hip-hop star Shwayze under his wing and promised to do whatever it takes to make him a household name. Holding up his end of the bargain, Jordan quickly made Shwayze's debut single, "Buzzin'," a success.

Shwayze and his musical mentor Cisco Adler look up to Jordan and see him as a father figure. They're in awe of being part of the Suretone machine, and they feel a lot of pressure to meet Jordan's expectations. Because, in the end, Jordan is a man you do not want to disappoint.

To Shwayze and Cisco, Jordan Schur is both a friend and an advisor -- he's the one who tells them where they're heading next and why. So if Shwayze wants to be catapulted into the stratosphere of superstardom, he better listen up!