Ryan's mom, Gretchen, wears many hats in the Sheckler family. Not only is she the mother of three growing boys, but she's also Ryan's manager. Gretchen is a pro at juggling family life and running Ryan's career. She often travels with Ryan to his various skateboarding events while maintaining his day-to-day schedule.

When Gretchen is at home watching the kids, she's "mom," but when she's out and about managing Ryan's career, she's "Gretchen." These days, Ryan's career is booming and, as Gretchen helps him start new projects, she's acting like "Gretchen" more and more. Some days, it's hard for Ryan to keep "mom" and "Gretchen" separate!

The Sheckler boys love hanging out with their mom when she's in "mom" mode, and Gretchen loves having Ryan's friends over for "taco night" or to skate in the backyard. She's the coolest mom ever, and that's why the boys love her!