Erin is the only daughter of the late rapper Eazy-E...and she believes that her famous father wouldn't want her to settle for anything less than the best in life. This sense of entitlement made Erin's episode of My Super Sweet 16 simply unforgettable. Erin's mother Tracy knows that if Erin's going to succeed in life, she's going to have to stop yelling and start learning how to work with people.

In this episode of "Exiled," Erin will live with a group of nomadic herders in the remote countryside of Mongolia. Hours from civilization, Erin won't have a team of people around to cater to her every whim. Her host, Eebee, will insist that Erin stop being selfish and start helping her Mongolian hosts with their daily chores: they'll rely on her to build the family's home, collect cow dung, and herd goats on the open plains. And instead of traipsing around in her Range Rover, Erin will have to use her own two feet to get around.

Will Erin be able to accept this nomadic lifestyle? Or will she explode with frustration in front of her new family? Can she ditch her inner diva and become a nomad? Or will her 'tude rub her Mongolian hosts the wrong way?