Hailing from Akron, Ohio Chris "Drama" Pfaff is Rob's cousin/personal assistant. The loveable resident punching bag at "Three Layers of Heaven", Drama always gets the short end of the stick (after having been beaten with it). As Rob's personal assistant, Drama's tasks include feeding and washing Meaty and Mini, doing laundry, building skateboards, and fulfilling any obscure tasks Rob throws at him.

After being "put on waivers" by Rob for failing to do his job well, he did a quick stint as a cashier at Hamburger Central. The job came to a quick end when Drama bolted out the drive-through window.

Drama is an aspiring music producer and runs his own production company, Causin' Drama. He has collaborated with such musical giants as The Chunky Boys, Bobby Light, and Uncle Jerry. You can here his work on the hit single, "Dirty Girl."