A founding member of Bam's CKY Crew, and likely the most juvenile, Dico was born in 1976 in West Chester, Penn. He's been a part of every one of Bam's videos and shows, and beyond his trademark voices and prank calls, he's an innovator when it comes to the ridiculous stunts for which the CKYers and Jackass are known.

A rabid gamer, Dico claims to be best Mortal Combat player in the world. Among his other likes and dislikes, he...

... enjoys farting in Bam's face. 

... hates his older brother Rake's breath.

... is impressed by Xerox machines.

... likes sneakers more than shoes. 

... considers his favorite color to be whatever the last color of his poop was. 

... says his favorite textures are "gooey eels, new hoses and air." 

Dico wishes Bam and Missy good luck and "hopes Missy invents an electric eel-powered skateboard that gets Bam into Guinness World Records."