David Patton

David Patton is the oil that keeps the Buzzin' machine running. As Jordan Schur's right-hand man, the Suretone Records staffer is in charge of all the day-to-day scheduling.

Wrangling the rambunctious rising star Shwayze and his musical mentor Cisco Adler is no easy task since they are more concerned with the party schedule than the business itinerary, but David is always prepared ... well, almost. His dedication and enthusiasm are of the highest caliber, but he needs plenty of luck to keep everything afloat.

Shwayze and Cisco's tendency to get themselves in hot water doesn't exactly make David Patton's life any simpler. Part of his job is playing messenger between the troublemakers and Jordan Schur. Though David is often forced to be the bearer of bad news and is everyone's favorite scapegoat, when the chips are down, they have his back.

Tireless and loyal, David Patton has no qualms about the seemingly impossible task before him. After all, working with soon-to-be superstars means he gets an occasional taste of the high life himself. Hopefully it doesn't go to his head.