Cat Lake

As the only woman in what could often be mistaken for a fraternity, Cat Lake has an interesting role in the Buzzin' universe. Although she isn't afraid to throw down and party with Shwayze and the gang, she's very serious about her duties. As Suretone Records' new media guru, Cat makes sure Shwayze and Cisco Adler are up-to-date when it comes to video logging.

Despite her fierce determination, Cat is a little camera-shy, always reminding the guys to keep the cameras off her and on themselves. This is supposed to be about them ... right? Cat seems to think so, but Shwayze and Cisco aren't exactly known for their ability to take direction.

The boys seem to enjoy giving Cat a hard time, running her ragged on tour and teasing her like she's their little sister. Yet deep down they really like Cat and respect her for what she does. It's not easy being the solo female in the Buzzin' boys club, but Cat Lake is the right woman for the job.