Already 19 years old, Casey is Ryan Sheckler's best friend and one of the oldest of Ryan's friends. Casey graduated from high school last spring and is the first of the group to head to college. He chose a school close to San Clemente, Calif., and is ready to move in with Ryan the minute Ryan buys his first home.

Casey is levelheaded, mellow and very active. When he's not in the ocean surfing or wakeboarding, you can find him skating or motocross racing with Ryan. When he's not hanging out with Ryan, Casey's usually cuddling with his girlfriend Taylor.

Although Ryan has no problem totally dominating the skate park, he often turns to Casey for advice about girls and life. Casey's a really good guy and always makes sure he's there for his best friend. Most people would describe Casey as loyal, considerate and grounded, and those qualities are exactly what make him one of Ryan's best friends.