An outspoken male divo from Connecticut, Bjorn has but one thing on his mind when it came to the ultimate Sweet 16: fashion. For his special day, Bjorn staged a fashion show, which naturally starred himself, along with a hand-picked selection of his hottest friends to join him on the catwalk. And let's not forget the custom-designed jacket he wore on for his red carpet entrance, the one with "Bjorn" written in rhinestones across the back!

These days, Bjorn -- who drove away from his Sweet 16 in a BMW 5- Series -- is a college freshman studying liberal arts close to home. He has hopes to transfer to a school in California, where he wants to study fashion marketing, which is right up his alley.

Fashion is likely the last thing on the minds of the family who will take Bjorn in when he is Exiled. Being well-dressed won't mean much when there are serious life lessons to be learned when he spends his days finding out how hard it is not to find coordinating separates, but doing whatever it takes just to survive.