Bam first broke onto the national scene as a 13-year-old professional skater known for his creative street style and wild antics.

Over a very short period of time, Bam has proven himself as a top-tier athlete and innovator in film, television and music. His appeal to the youth market is undeniable and as his brand continues to grow so does celebrity status and influence.

As a teenager Bam created the CKY video series, which featured skating, pranks and stunts, all filmed in his home town of West Chester, Penn. The combination of his unique on-screen personality and the tremendous grassroots success of the video series became the platform for the hit MTV show "Jackass," which was followed by "Jackass, The Movie" and later, five seasons of his own MTV series "Viva La Bam" (the DVDs of which are the fastest selling in MTV history). He's also creating a new animated series for MTV.

In the music vein, Bam hosts the Sirius Satellite Radio show "Radio Bam" (Faction, Channel 28), directs music videos, runs the Filthy Note record label, and established the "Viva La Bands" CD/DVD series, which spawned a five-city tour in 2005 and is being relaunched as a summer 2007 festival tour.