Two years ago, Florida native Amanda had a Super Sweet 16 party any girl would die for, including a performance by R&B sensation Ciara. Of course, there was tons of drama to go along with the Hawaiian-themed festivities, especially since Amanda acted like a pampered princess the whole time.

Before the big My Super Sweet 16 blowout, Amanda's limo crapped out, so she was forced to show up in a -- gasp! -- regular car. After she made her grand entrance, Amanda and her father got into a huge fight. But once Ciara took the stage and all eyes were on Amanda, the father-daughter duo made up. The grand total for Amanda's Sweet 16 extravaganza? More than $200,000! And her father said he would do it all over again...

Flash forward two years, and not much has changed. Amanda is still a spoiled brat. She graduated from high school last spring but still lives at home. She hasn't been working or going to college. In fact, she spends most of her time shopping and going to the beach. And, yes, dad pays her bills. But all that's about to change. Amanda is being Exiled to where there will be no cell phone service, no plush pillows and no shopping sprees.