Casting Calls

MTV will be celebrating National Voter Registration Day with a LIVE in-studio special featuring celebrity guests and special performances. We are looking for viewers who are passionate about the issues in this year’s election to join us in our studio audience. If you are interested in being a part of our live studio audience in New York City on September 27th, please email with “Vote” in the subject title and include the following information...


Contact Number:

Are you voting in this year’s election? Why or why not?

-Which of these issues do you care about most in this election year: Climate Change, Criminal Justice Reform, Gun Safety, Immigration Reform, Income Inequality, Islamophobia/Xenophobia/Racism, Sexual Assault, Student Debt, LGBT Issues, Women’s Issues, Reproductive Rights, Marijuana Legalization, or others?

-Have you or someone you know been personally affected by any of these issues? If so, can you share a short story (5 sentences maximum) that demonstrates why this issue is so important to you? Would you be willing to share this story on camera?

*Note must be at least 18 years of age to attend this event.