Casting Calls

Word on the street is that your family is not one to mess with. From gang members to mobsters, the world of organized crime is notorious for “keeping things in the family.”

Was your father a “Godfather”? Did you grow up in an organized crime family where it was totally normal to have cappuccino with a Capo? When everyone else was playing Connect 4, were your parents trying to sit you down and explain they were "connected"? Was the relative who took you go-kart riding part of a cartel? Did you dream of getting the tattoos your biker-gang parents or yakuza uncles had?

Family can be complicated enough without a lifetime of film and media portrayals influencing the public perception of them. Perhaps your family's troubled past has been splashed across newspapers? Or maybe you've lived in silence, sharing your story with only a trusted few. Have you had to defend or explain the actions and lifestyles of your loved ones to new friends or partners? Have you considered following in their footsteps, or running away from the life as fast as you can?

If you were born into an organized crime family of any cultural background, MTV’s Emmy-award winning True Life series wants to hear your story. If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 30, email us at and tell us about how your family’s past has shaped your current view of the world. Please include your name, location, phone number and a recent photo of yourself.