Casting Calls

Against all odds, are you trying to make your music career happen? Do you self produce music? Write lyrics? Post YouTube videos of you singing acapella? We want to hear about your hustle!

A brand new TV series is looking to document how you are trying to make it in the music industry all on your own. Are your parents supportive? Or do they want you to just get a stable job and stop pursuing this dream? Do you have a day job that is driving you crazy? How are you trying to stand out in a sea of talent? What are you doing to try and get that big break? We want to hear all about your story and follow you on your path to stardom!

If this sounds like you, please apply to the casting team with:

-Your name

-Direct phone number


-Recent photo of yourself

-Your story, your passion for music

-A sample of your talent! (YouTube videos, tracks, etc.)