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"In the blink of an eye my whole life changed," West said of his October 2002 car accident in Los Angeles. "From me trying to get out of the way of this car, I ended up in a head-on collision. Then I remember looking in the rearview mirror and seeing my jaw cracked in three places. These teeth right here in the middle, I'm surprised they lined them up so well being that they didn't put the whole jaw in the right place."

  Kanye's visit to the doctor
Hence West's jaw being a bit puffy on the right side.

"I remember calling my girl, and the first thing I said to her was, 'I'm sorry for hurting myself' 'cause I knew how it would affect [my loved ones]," West said. "So she called my mother, and my mother called back and said, 'Ah, baby, are you OK?' I just remember saying, 'It huuurts!' like a little kid. It hurt bad as hell."

West said the agony he was going through with his injury would be nothing compared to the heartache he'd suffer if he couldn't tell his story on wax. So as soon as he was physically able, he took some painkillers and recorded "Through the Wire" — with his mouth wired shut.

"All I kept thinking about was D.O.C., how he was in a car wreck," Kanye said. "I was at the concert in Chicago that he was supposed to go to the night of his car accident. I was just at a Hip-Hop Summit with D.O.C., and while he was sitting up there giving his speech, man, it almost brought me to tears. At the point before the accident, my whole goal in life was to eventually be able to do nothing. Now that I see the type of impact I'm gonna make on music and the community, my responsibility is now to do everything for the fans, for the community."

  "Through The Wire"
The College Dropout
"Through the Wire" wasn't the only painstaking endeavor he had to go through while making his self-produced The College Dropout.

To get 16 members of the Boys Choir of Harlem on "Two Words," he had to spend $10,000 for their appearance fee and travel hours into the woods of upstate New York just to record them. He didn't have to pay Ludacris to get him on the chorus of "Breathe In, Breathe Out," he just had to give up three of his much-sought-after beats for free, one of which turned into "Stand Up."

It took West six months to draw inspiration just for the second verse of "Jesus Walks," while it took more than 70 hours to make "The New Workout Plan." "We Don't Dare" had its title changed from "Drug Dealer" and had to have its three verses cut down from eight. "School Spirit" was in serious jeopardy of not making the album because of trouble clearing the sample from Aretha Franklin's "Spirit in the Dark," and at the last minute Lauryn Hill reneged on clearing the sample from her "Mystery of Iniquity" on "All Falls Down." West had to get singer Syleena Johnson to re-sing Hill's lyrics.

And when all that was done, Kanye still went back and reworked the entire album because it had been bootlegged and leaked on the Internet.

"It's so much that goes into one of these records," West explained of what some say is his tendency to be overly sensitive about his music. "It's not contrived and it's not a copy of anything. It's also so from the heart, and I feel so connected with it. When it comes out, I feel people are going to be connected with it."

West has trumpeted himself so passionately, some have labeled him arrogant — a rep he's all too aware of and quick to defend against.

"Would it be arrogance or confidence?" he questioned. "Because I'm outspoken? Or because I feel confident? I feel like I have the right to tell you. My thing is, I just like to debate. I really like my raps. ... But it's not from arrogance, it's from me just debating and wanting to get my point across. Like, 'You all need to understand.' Any situation I'm in, I just wanna stand out."

Kanye is mindful that the more popular he gets, the more his boastful behavior will be dissected. So he's trying to play like Larry David and curb his enthusiasm — at least a little.

"I think I've got a lot of growing to do," he admitted. "I've got a lot of energy. I'm growing and growing every day, and I'm finding out ways to wear my success with more dignity. The younger you are, the newer your money is, the more ignorant you're gonna act. I need to learn and have the opportunity to be around people like Quincy Jones and Oprah Winfrey."

Although he doesn't yet have Jones or Winfrey as mentors, the musical double threat is picking up some jewels from the Jiggaman.

"He consults me about handling fame, about shutting down malls and dealing with so many people pulling at you," West said of his talks with Jay-Z. "Different moves, what records to go to next. Some of the stuff I wouldn't even put it on the air. It's stuff for me to personally have in my mind. 'Cause if I give away the secrets, people can go around it."

Lord knows nobody has made it easy for Kanye, so why should he make it for anyone else?

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