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 Adam Sandler dances like he's on the toilet, and he sings like his mouth is one ...

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 Shhh ... Don't Tell has a dirty little secret: It's Sandler's filthiest album yet ...

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— by Corey Moss

CULVER CITY, California — A dozen or so contest winners, a couple of publicists and a few other lucky guests are crammed into a megastar's recording studio, listening to one of the summer's hottest dance tracks.

The beat is infectious and consumes a few fans, who start dancing, rubbing their rears together and smiling.

"It's charting in the 20s on some of the club charts," a publicist whispers.

  Adam Sandler busts a move
Suddenly, the multiplatinum voice behind the track launches out of his corner chair and busts into a spontaneous dance routine, squatting like he's on the toilet, gyrating his hands uncontrollably. It's not pretty.

Really, though, would you expect anything else from Adam Sandler?

The fans, who won a chance to barbecue with the comedian and hear his new album before it hits stores, are eating it up like the baked beans being served outside.

"Go, Adam! Go, Adam!"

This is Adam Sandler in his element.

With a dozen blockbusters under his belt, he's one of the world's biggest movie stars, but in his recording studio, goofing off, is where he really has a blast.

A few weeks earlier, on a sunny Monday afternoon, I stop by the offices of Sandler's production company, Happy Madison, named after "Happy Gilmore" and "Billy Madison."

Nick Goossen, one of the producers of Sandler's new album, leads me on a tour of the building, which is actually a house. Judy Garland stayed there, he says, when she shot movies on the old MGM lot, which now belongs to Sony.

The bedrooms have been converted to offices, where Sandler's staff is watching dailies of "Spanglish," which is shooting on the lot next door, and finalizing the script for a remake of "The Longest Yard" with Chris Rock and Sandler.

Many of Happy Madison's employees are also co-stars in Sandler's movies, like his old New York University roommate Allen Covert, most recently seen onscreen as 10 Second Tom in "50 First Dates."

Goosen, or "Goose" as Sandler calls him, takes me to his office to hear Shhh ... Don't Tell, Sandler's first album since 1999's Stan and Judy's Kid. Concert stubs from Coachella and the Strokes are tacked to the wall, and British rock blares from his computer. After a few seconds, however, it becomes apparent that it's not really British rock — it's Sandler paying homage to the Beatles.

The song is hilarious, like the rest of the album. By the end, my stomach literally hurt from laughing. This makes Sandler happy.

"I heard you listening over there. I heard a few chuckles coming out of you," he says as we pull up on the couches in his office. "That's good."

In person, Sandler is much like you might expect. He wears sweatpants and a T-shirt, talks in a lot of different voices and is always funny. He tells a lot of long stories that end in a punch line, after which he often adds, "There you go," as if he needs to punctuate them.

At the barbecue, Sandler provokes laughs by putting on an arrogant front. "They keep telling me how great I am; that's always fun," he says of the contest winners. "That's what I live for, just to sit with people who love me."

In reality, Sandler is surprisingly humble. He talks about his albums — which have sold millions on the strength of such classic sing-alongs as "The Chanukah Song," "The Thanksgiving Song," "The Lonesome Kicker," "Lunchlady Land" and "Red Hooded Sweatshirt" — as if anyone could've made them.

"I sing dirty language over [music] and hopefully some of it rhymes," Sandler says. He especially downplays his musical talents, including his guitar-playing abilities, learned from his father when he was a child. "I play a little [on Shhh ... Don't Tell], but the guys who I play with are so awesome, I just said, 'You guys do it and I'll sing the stupid words and we'll move on.' "

On the new album, Sandler conquers several styles of music, including hip-hop. "I can rap all right, but believe me, it's a lot of start and stop [in the studio]. I can't get the flow going that good," he says. "I run out of air."

Shhh ... Don't Tell has a dirty little secret: It's Sandler's filthiest album yet ...
Photo: Warner Bros. Records

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