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 Kelly has no interest in seeing the tape in question ...

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 Kelly says he was 'like a godfather' to Sparkle's niece ...

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 Why he chose to settle previous cases where he was accused of having sex with underage girls ...

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 'Sometimes I'm R. Kelly and I really just wanna be Robert' ...

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Kelly: Not at all, because I believe in my fans and I know that my fans believe in me. They still play my music. My music is still selling. That lets me know that this situation didn't affect that. But I believe that people got into my personal business in the studio and got a CD maybe six months before the project came out and started bootlegging it, big time. If there were a way we could check the bootlegging, I believe it would be the biggest bootlegging situation in history.

Norris: It must concern you when you hear about a radio station here or a community group there calling for a boycott of R. Kelly music.

 "I believe it would be the biggest bootlegging situation in history."
Kelly: I only know of one, and that really hurt me. It really hurt me because those people don't know me. They've never seen me and I've never seen them. And I said to myself, this has gotta be some kind of set-up to hurt me, because why would someone be on TV breaking my CD when they don't know the facts, when I haven't been charged and when nobody has said, "You're guilty"? Why break my CD? I've given you 13 years of me and my music.

Norris: Guilty until proven innocent, like the song you did with Jay-Z said.

Kelly: Yeah, and this is America. I've always said I've got a few issues that I'm dealing with. In my music, I cry. It's a cry. People that listen to me know that. They know my heart is honest about the fact that I'm no angel here. I'm trying to come out. I got songs that are great, beautiful, "I Believe I Can Fly" songs and I got these "Bump N' Grind" songs, but that's a struggle.

Norris: And that has always left this kind of impression that there are two sides to R. Kelly.

Kelly: There are two sides to all of us. Everybody's struggling with something. Nobody's perfect. We're all human and I'm dealing with something. And I'm not ashamed to say I have a problem with women. But I'm not these things that people are saying about me.

Norris: When you say a problem with women, is this the problem you've been talking to your pastor about?

Kelly: Yes, that, and also just the problem with myself. Sometimes I get egotistical and I don't wanna be like that. Sometimes I'm R. Kelly and I really just wanna be Robert. Sometimes I'm influenced by people. You know what I'm saying. Sometimes I wanna take a drink, sometimes I don't, and sometimes I may do it because somebody says, "Hey man, let's go drink." I'm growing and it's a part of growing. You start seeing yourself for who you really are because you start seeing life for what it really is and you start having kids and a family and a wife and stuff. You don't want to hurt the ones love and you don't want to make the same mistakes.

Norris: So it sounds like you do have regrets about some of your behavior over the last few years, as far as women are concerned.

Kelly: Well, as far as women or partying too much. It's not just women. Of course I have no shame in saying I love women, and I do and I probably always will, but I have a problem with trusting people, just like I have a problem being around the wrong people and this has led me to something like this. You know, people taking my CDs out of the studio and selling them. There's an album out there right now that they claim is my album and it's all over the place. Somebody got it out of my studio because I got too many people in the studio. These are things that I'm trying to change in my life. The women thing. The so-called friends thing. I probably spend like $2 million a year just on Chinese food and pizza for everybody because I got these 10 people in the studio that don't sing or that don't produce.

Norris: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans, friends or anyone — even the Sparkles of the world — about all of these accusations being leveled against you?

Kelly: First of all, I want to apologize to my fans for all of this and thank them for being there for me through thick and thin. Because even in the past my fans have always been there for me and I just want to ask them to focus on my music and don't focus on this, just focus on the music, focus on my talent and get through this with me. And I want to ask people out there to pray for me, not just that I come through this situation, but that I be the man that I want to be and a better person.

Norris: Are you scared of the possibility of prison time?

Kelly: Yeah, I'm scared of the whole situation.

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