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 Instant stardom, "the least favorite Osbourne," and the drugs of Los Angeles...

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 Mom's cancer, holding his own with grown-up druggies, and OxyContin...

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 Hitting bottom, attempting suicide, and asking for help...

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 Detoxing ugly, then into rehab...

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 Being Ozzy's son, and reconnecting with Mom and his sisters...

 On-Air: 'The Osbournes'

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Yago: How affected were you by your mom's cancer?

Osbourne: I was like, "Hey, my mom has cancer, be the strong one." But you know, my mom having to go to the hospital seven times, not like, "Oh, I'm feeling kinda woozy," but like passed out because of pain ... Every time she went into the hospital, I wouldn't come home and sit with my family and be with my dad — I'd come home, I'd call someone up and be like, you know, "Meet me at a bar," and I'd go and get obliterated drunk and I'd go, like, on two-week benders.

Yago: Tell me a little about what was going on in your social life at that time.

Osbourne: I had my group of friends, you know, like my real group of friends, and then I had, like, party friends.

Yago: So did you start hanging out with a new group of kids once you guys moved to the beach house?

Osbourne: Yeah, the kids out in Malibu, you could get away with a lot more. ... Malibu's just a totally different place. It's like a mountain town right next to a city, so if you can imagine, like, some of the weird sh-- that goes on in, like, you know, a 15,000-population mountain town, it goes on there, you know? There's a lot of drugs, a lot of alcohol, a lot of sex. It's like debauchery's paradise.

Yago: What did you like so much about the kids you met out there and the kids you were hanging out with?

Osbourne: They weren't kids, they're adults. ... Throughout this, I was hanging out with no one under 21.

Yago: You know, for anybody that's been watching the show or watching MTV for years, they'll see you at 14 holding stuff down at Ozzfest, they'll see you 16 scouting for Epic. Did you ever get a chance to hang out with kids your own age?

Osbourne: I did in school, but it was like it was kind of boring to me, 'cause I was, like, stepping up, and I was kinda doing the next thing. The stuff they were doing, it was boring to me, you know, running around the back yard playing laser tag.

Yago: Did you feel that there were some expectations that were put upon you when you hung out with kids that were that much older than you?

Osbourne: No, but I thought that if I really wanted to fit in I had to, you know, I had to show them that I was in a way just as adult as they were, 'cause I could hold my own just as well as they could if not better.

Yago: And by "hold your own," you mean?

Osbourne: Drinking. Like, I could remember being 13 and at a bar and people were like, "What's this 13-year-old doing here?" and I would proceed to drink them under the table.

Yago: When did you start getting into the harder drugs — the pills, the OxyContin.

Osbourne: I started taking Vicodin occasionally when I was like 14, and from about 14 onward it was just picking up, so another one here and there. It started maybe once every two months and [got] shorter and shorter and it really started picking up April of last year.

Yago: So right before your mom got diagnosed?

Osbourne: Yeah.

Yago: I think a lot of people might not have any idea what OxyContin is and what you went into rehab for. What is OxyContin?

Osbourne: It's basically in a nutshell legal heroin. It's a highly powerful painkiller mainly for cancer patients, completely legal and super powerful.

  All About OxyContin, The Pills Known As 'Killers'
Yago: What did you know about OxyContin before you used it for the first time?

Osbourne: I knew it killed people. I knew that it was the closest thing to heroin.

Yago: Did you know anybody who overdosed or anything?

Osbourne: Actually, yeah. Before I started using it, a friend of mine overdosed using it.

Yago: It didn't freak you out that you were getting into a drug that had killed your friend?

Osbourne: Well, someone gave me one and I put it in a jacket pocket, and I was in New York City and I got really drunk. Friends of mine in Malibu were talking about OxyContin and how occasionally some of them were doing it. So I called my friends and I said, "I've got an OxyContin here, you know, how do I do it?" And my friend, he says, "Look, I'm not gonna tell you not to do it, but I'm gonna tell you what it's gonna do to you and what it can do to you."

Yago: What did he say?

Osbourne: He said, "It can kill you. You've obviously been drinking. You might die." And he said, you know, he basically broke it down, [but] whatever went in one ear flew out the other. I was like, "OK, how do I do it?"

Yago: How long did it take for you to get addicted to OxyContin?

Osbourne: Probably instantly.

Yago: Really?

Osbourne: I remember waking up the next morning, you know, rubbing my finger on the desk, seeing if there was any left.

Yago: What was it like to be high on OxyContin?

Osbourne: I compare it to this: It's like when you're sitting on an airplane and you've just taken off and they come around with those hot towels. You rub your hands with it, it's all warm and cozy, and then before you know it it's cold. You know, it was great for a while but, you know, it just gets cold, and that's the way it was.

Yago: What would you feel like to come down off it?

Osbourne: It sucked. It was like, "Aww," but I always had something to help it along the way. You know, I either pass out, have a whole bunch of Valium, Xanax, you know, another handful of Vicodin or, you know, Percoset. ... I was doing it maybe four, five times a week.

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Photo: MTV News

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