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 If you're not from Oakland, then what we're seeing is like nothing you've ever experienced ...

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 "It's the music that makes these youngsters flambost to the highest degree." ...

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 "You're not going to catch me doing none of that." ...

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 "We about to sleep in the end zone. Ya smell me?" ...

My Block: The Bay
Keyshia Cole literally takes MTV back to her block and talks about why she had to leave the Bay, only to come back a star.

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If you're still confused, take a look at E-40's latest video, "Tell Me When to Go," which captures the essence of the culture. The song is to the Bay of today what Diddy's "It's All About the Benjamins" and Biggie's "Hypnotize" were to New York in 1997 — it's that serious. 40's record is not just a local hit, it's been growing around the country and is currently getting heavy spins on MTV. (Interestingly, the song was produced by Atlanta's Lil Jon, whose label, BME, signed 40 last year.)

"It's go music: the music that makes these youngsters flambost to the highest degree," said 40 — employing some of his trademark invented slang — of his anthem. He's standing on a hill in "Val-yay-yo" (Vallejo), just blocks from his old house on Magazine Street. "That's what hyphy is about. Out here in the Bay, we silly, bananas, coconuts. Anybody can get into it. This is what we do."

"The music makes you [crazy]," adds Keak Da Sneak, co-star of 40's "Tell Me When to Go" video. Keak is actually credited with being the first person to say "hyphy" on wax. "I donít what it is, but [the music] just gets you." Many say the godfather of Thizz was Vallejo native Mac Dre, who spawned the style in the 1990s. Dre — born Andre Hicks, a.k.a. Ronald Dregan, a.k.a. "Thizzel" Washington — began rapping in the early '80s and released three records between '89 and '92, when he was sentenced to prison for his participation in a string of bank robberies committed by the Bay Area's Romper Room gang. When he was released in 1996, he refocused on music and released a flood of underground albums until he was murdered after a show in Kansas City, Missouri, in November of 2004; the murder remains unsolved. The local legend became a Bay Area martyr, and his music is actually is bigger today than when he was alive.

"People are gonna take credit for it, but Mac Dre started this," F.A.B. continued. "We gonna carry it on for him 'cause he's not here."

While the Bay is filled with hyphy-ness and Thizzed-out mania, one Oaktown native has broken through by a completely different route: old-fashioned, baby-making R&B. Keyshia Cole's soulful voice has taken her to platinum success and earned praise from the likes of collaborator Kanye West; 50 Cent even tried to sign her to the G-Unit.

"I think it's a blessing to be one of the few people from Oakland who was able to succeed."
                      - Keyshia Cole

"I come from here," Keyshia says, standing in front of the house in East Oakland (a.k.a the Shady 80s) she grew up in. "I worked hard and I still work hard. I think it's a blessing to be one of the few people from Oakland who was able to succeed."

True to her 'hood's name, some shady happenings are definitely going on while Keyshia strolls down memory lane. A man with dreads is selling something right in the middle of the street: Cars stop, he approaches them, money changes hands and the cars take off.

"This is all today money," the man says emphatically, holding up approximately $850 in cash. Back on the sidewalk, people come up to Keyshia and show her love.

"All the time," she says when asked how often she comes back. "I was here two weeks ago. We eat barbecue, we kick it. It's a couple of knuckleheads out, but it's cool."

Another car pulls up in the middle of the street — this time not to cop from the man with dreads, but to get a hyphy party started. He's pumping Bay Area darling Goapele's "Closer" and all of a sudden, people start running up to his car, jumping onto it and dancing ...

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Photo: MTV News

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