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Tune in August 13 at 1 p.m. ET/PT for the premiere of "My Block: Miami."

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 "This is the life!" ...

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 "I don't have a hard time convincing people to come down to Miami." ...

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 "Miami's taking over" ...

What is Ringmaster Diddy cooking up for the VMAs? Why is Trick Daddy handing out cleats? Watch this bonus footage to find out.

 Hot! The VMAs are heading back to Miami, and we've got all the 411 on this year's show ...

 The sights, the sounds, the sexy surprises! If it happened at the VMAs, it's in here ...

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Storch and Cool & Dre aren't the only hometown heroes: The city is loaded with luminaries old and new. Whether or not you were into Luke and the 2 Live Crew's dirty lyrics, they blazed a trail in hip-hop, fighting for rap's constitutional rights and creating a blueprint for independently run labels as well as introducing Miami bass to the masses. Bass music, after all, laid the foundation for today's crunk.

Sway, Garcia and DJ EFN
Last year, Pitbull began to get recognition not just for the hip-hop styling in his music, but for the infusion of the Caribbean reggaeton style into songs like "Toma" and "Culo." He's currently on the Anger Management 3 Tour with Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Jon and the G-Unit, and his debut LP, M.I.A.M.I., is gold. And there's a crop of MCs bubbling in Miami who could very well join him in precious-metal status in less than a year's time, including Jacki-O from Liberty City, Smitty from Little Haiti and Garcia from Little Havana.

On the flipside, Carol City's Pretty Ricky are the new wild boys of R&B. They still have a long way to go before they can think about becoming "the next Jodeci," as they've proclaimed themselves to be, but their glittery outfits and risqué stage show on the Scream IV Tour have earned Pleasure, Slick 'Em, Baby Blue and Spectacular plenty of female fans. Their single "Grind on Me" has been the biggest record on Miami radio this year, and their debut LP, Bluestars, went gold in just a few weeks.

But the city's two biggest musical names these days are Trick Daddy and Trina.

"It's safer for a lot of dudes just to hang out there in South Beach," says Trick Daddy, who is standing smack-dab in the middle of the other side of sexy, one of the city's best-known 'hoods, Overtown. "But this is reality — this is what we represent, this what we about." He gestures to the streets around him. "This where we get our slang from, this where a lot of people get they money from — a lot of people get high right here."

On cue, a crackhead walks up to Trick, who is surrounded by about a dozen of his homeboys.

"If they can't get into the 'hood, they can't come onto the corner and hang out with us. I don't care how much money they got." — Trick Daddy
"Check this out," the man says. "I'm on that sh-- real bad, you feel me? Sh--, it's real. I get up to get high, I lay down to get high. It's a lifestyle out here right now for me till I tighten up. I'm out here and I'm real. And it's every day!"

"See, Miami ain't like other cities," Trick says. "We got 'hoods every two blocks. This [is] one of the 'hoods that represent like 20 or 30 blocks. This is Overtown, then you have Liberty City, Opa-Locka, Carol City, Coconut Grove, South Miami. You got Winwood, Little Havana, Little Haiti — all them is 'hood. We a city with cities inside."

You'll probably want to avoid the crackheads, but you'll definitely be doing yourself a disservice if you don't check out all of Miami — not just the pretty side — when you visit.

"I got my ghetto pass — we call it the 'over-the-bridge pass' " Diddy says. "I think if you look at Miami as just Miami Beach, then you're cheating yourself out of the beauty if you don't take the chance to go over the bridge and see what's going on over there culturally."

"Miami's taking over," Trick Daddy smiles. "You got all the TV shows coming to Miami, all the movies, all the videos, all the producers. Everybody who got a million dollars or better got somewhere to stay in Miami. But they got to respect this: If they can't get into the 'hood, they can't come onto the corner and hang out with us. I don't care how much money they got, I don't care who they know. And you can tell them I said that."

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