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Can Justin get his mojo back? Will fans dig Outkast's way-back sound ...

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Beyoncé's working on striking platinum again, and Maroon 5 look to Prince for inspiration ...

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Can Nick and Jessica bring the focus back to their music? And can Evanescence do it without Ben Moody? ...

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Are the Black Eyed Peas as good in individual servings? And Fall Out Boy stay in our faces ...

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Kanye keeps it moving, Paris' singing career may begin and end, and the Chili Peppers plan to make it a double ...

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With DC behind her, can Beyoncé continue her winning solo ways?

There was never any doubt that Beyoncé Knowles was the shining jewel in the center of the platinum Destiny's Child ring. With DC officially retired, the singer is poised to release her second solo album and hit the big screen again, as Steve Martin's co-star in a "Pink Panther" prequel. Because of her starring role in "Dreamgirls," the follow-up to Dangerously in Love probably won't hit stores until late in the year.

Prediction: B has had a golden touch (and an intense drive) so far, which is why we'll go out on a limb and expect her winning streak to continue.
Maroon 5
Can the soulful boys make the girls swoon again?

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine laid it down with everyone from Kanye West to the Ying Yang Twins in 2005, but don't expect the group's next album to be a star-studded affair. "We want to make ourselves our own separate entity. We don't want to have 800 guest stars, 'cause then that kind of blurs what we're doing," Levine said, citing early Prince as an influence on the "quicker, hyperactive" songs the band has written.

Prediction: As long as Levine keeps the falsetto and foot-long eyelashes, M5 should have no problems.
Will the rapper-turned-preacher-turned-rapper fit into the G-Unit?

Mase, who gave up rapping for the church only to return to the game last year, is prepping his G-Unit debut, and it's hard to know which Mase will show. Will it be the shiny-suit guy or the Murda Mase of old? His freestyle on "Check Cleared" poked fun at old boss Diddy and took a jab at Brandy, but G-Unit member Tony Yayo said the rapper is just doing his thing. "I feel like he felt like he was in a situation and had to get things off his chest," Yayo said of Mase's hard-core freestyles. "He's around 50 Cent and us, he's feeling good ... I think he wanted to see if he still had 'Murda' in him, and he did." 50, though, said the return to murderous ways is more calculated. "Me and Mase sat down and had conversations," 50 said. "I told him, 'When you were writing Murda Mase material you sold 4 million records.' " So, 50 suggested, let people be confused for a minute and think that 50 flipped Mase to the dark side and get millions interested, then hit them with a positive message.

Prediction: Fans might tune in just to see how Mase balances the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other.
Will true love make for a more domesticated Pink?

Settling down with motocross star Carey Hart doesn't seem to have dulled Pink's edge, as evidenced by snippets of five new songs from her upcoming fourth album that leaked online late last year. The singer was snarling (and boasting) on rockers like "Cuz I Can" and "You and Your Hand" and getting seriously emotional on the Butch Walker-produced ballad "Long Way to Happy" and the weeper "Nobody Knows." Among the new titles not leaked online are "Dear Mr. President" and "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)."

Prediction: The leaked tracks found Pink in a feisty, fighting mood. If she can temper that fire with the kind of melodic sensibility that made Missundaztood such a success, she'll be cool.
The Game
Does the ex-G-Unit member have what it takes to hit it again?

The Game isn't letting his feud with 50 Cent slow him down. The Compton MC is still tight with Dr. Dre, made clear by the title of his upcoming album, The Dr.'s Advocate. "It means Dr. Dre's the man; what he says goes. He's got the formula, and we gonna make it happen," Game said. Along with Dre, the record will feature production from Kanye West, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Scott Storch and Cool & Dre. Also pitching in are Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden on a track Game called "gangsta-rap punk rock." The rapper compared it to a harder version of the Run-DMC/ Aerosmith collabo on "Walk This Way."

Prediction: It's hard to miss when you've got Dre on your list.

NEXT: Can Nick and Jessica bring the focus back to their music? And can Evanescence do it without Ben Moody? Plus My Chemical Romance and T.I. ...
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