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— by Shaheem Reid and Joseph Patel, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes and Anya Zadrony

Artist and DJ: Jay-Z and the Evil Genius Green Lantern

Representing: Hova's Kingdom

Mixtape: Presidential Invasion

411: Last week, Green Lantern wrapped up his travels on the road with Jay-Z ... er, on the globe with Jay-Z — his final tour diary can be found below. But in the words of Ice Cube, "it ain't over ..." (you know the rest, potty mouths). Green is back in the States, back in New York, specifically, and by the time you read this, he would have just finished his latest mixtape with Hov. Expect some real songs and freestyles. Since you love Green so much, we're going to let him holla at you about the street CD. Also, as a bonus, Clinton Sparks tells us about his new mixtape with some rapper named Eminem. They're commemorating the two-year anniversary of Sirius satellite-radio station Shade 45 with SmashTime Radio: The Shade 45 Edition.

Joints To Check For:

  • "D.P. III" from Presidential Invasion. "It's 'Dead Presidents III,' " Lantern explained. "Young Guru did the beat for that. It's a joint from the vault. He had [Jay's vocals] from around the Black Album time. We just cracked open the vault for a couple of joints for the mixtape. He flips the entire flow from 'Dead Presidents,' like, 'Me and my conglomerate,' he flips that flow a different way. The beat is dark, Reasonable Doubt sh--."

  • "Jay-Z ASAP" from Presidential Invasion. "This one is over the T.I. 'ASAP' beat," said the Evil Genius. "I put the hook together where he's like, 'Your boy is back in the building/ Brooklyn we back on the map/ I'm the realest to run it/ I just happen to rap.' He's flippin' the T.I. flow on that one."

  • "Corporate Takeover" from Presidential Invasion. "Then there's the 'Corporate Takeover' with the last verse he spit on the Funkmaster Flex freestyle: 'I'm getting courted by the bosses/ The Edgars and Doug Morrises-sss/ Jimmy I's and Lyors-sss/ Gotta be more than choruses-sss/ They respected my mind now, just a matter of time now/ Operation takeover corporate.'

    "The original version was over the Snoop and Pharrell beat for 'It Blows My Mind.' He did that actually in May 2005," Green explained. "I was sitting on it. He was going to use it for the intro for his album. There were 30 beats made for his vocals, he didn't like none of them. I made a bunch of them, Just [Blaze] made a bunch of them. A bunch of people. But it never caught the feeling of the Pharrell joint. It's the intro to the tape and he's talking about taking over the corporate side of things."

  • "Stay Strapped" by 50 Cent from SmashTime Radio: The Shade 45 Edition. "50 sent me the verse and I made the beat to it," said Clinton. "I was trying to make this beat, like, scary, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees. I always tell people when they send me a freestyle, do it over a beat, but send me the completed track and send me the a cappella as well. So I just take the a cappella and construct the beat around it."

  • "Unreleased Eminem Freestyle From 1999" from SmashTime Radio: The Shade 45 Edition. "When I first met Em in '99, he came to my house in Boston," Clinton remembered. "So I have a unreleased freestyle from the vault. Years later, we made this mixtape to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Shade 45. It will expose Shade 45 to people who aren't familiar with it, and celebrate with those that are."

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week
  • AZ - The Format
  • Cosmic Kev and Gillie Da Kid - Validation
  • Hood Life 2 - "The Documentary Continues"
  • DJ Don DeMarco - Best of Bleek
  • DJ Storm - I Declare War
  • DNA - DNA for President
  • DJ Bedz - Party 2 Go Vol. 1 and Every Hoods the Same 2
  • P-Cutta, Styles P. and DNA - Industry Xposure

Click here for more of Mixtape Monday ...

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
  • Nas - "Then"
  • The Clipse featuring Pharrell - "New World"
  • Fat Joe - "The Pandemic"
  • Ghostface - "Ghost Is Back"
  • The Game - "Doctor's Advocate" and "Wouldn't Get Far"
  • Rick Ross featuring the LOX, Bun B and the Game - "Push It" remix

Celebrity Faves

 The Hogan Family
"The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, who is on a tube near you every Sunday with the third season of his "Hogan Knows Best" reality-TV show, said Paul Wall is practically family. Wall rapped on his daughter Brooke's debut single "About Us," and he's already made grills for Brooke and her brother, Nick. Hulk revealed he was excited to be getting his too. "Paul Wall is just really cool," Hulk explained. "He said, 'Get some grills done.' So the last time I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist, I said, 'Hey, can I get some molds done?' He made the molds and I held on to them. At 'The Tyra Banks Show,' like, two or three weeks ago, I handed him my molds. I was like, 'Dude, I'm so embarrassed by this, let me pay for these.' 'Cause he can make them for, like, $100 to $100,000 or more. He was like, 'Nah, nah, you don't have to pay for those.' "

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

 Lil Wayne
It feels like Lil Wayne does guest appearances with just about everybody in the game, from Lloyd and Nelly Furtado to Jibbs and Fat Joe — and those are just some of his most recent ones — so you'd figure he would have no problem getting people for any project he's working on for himself. For the most part, it's not an issue, but a couple of people haven't exactly broken their necks to oblige his request for collaborations. One even said no.

"She turned me down," Wayne said of "Ms. Mary J. [Blige]," recently in Los Angeles about a song he was going to do for Tha Carter II. "But her album was coming up, I wanted it to be my single, and she didn't want to be on nothing else but her album. I ain't tripping, but she was on Busta's ['Touch It' remix] and she was rapping and everything."

While Weezy said he's lost the excitement to work with Mary, he's still hoping to get in the lab with Eminem. Maybe for Tha Carter III — that is, if Slim Shady can fit it in his schedule. Wayne said that when he gets to the point in his career where artists, no matter how big they are, will want to work with him no matter what, upon request, that's when he knows he's made it.

"Dude be too busy," he said of Em. "I just look at it like, I be too busy too. That's the respect I want. That's when I reach my goal. We've called him plenty of times, [they respond,] 'He gonna be doing this, and that ...' I don't feel played or nothing, but I feel like if my people hear, 'Yo, Em wants to do a song,' then let's do it. But I guess that I don't have that respect yet, and that's my goal." ...

If you weren't convinced by reading Game's pledge of allegiance to The Inc. (formerly Murder Inc.) in the past issue of XXL, well, Irv Gotti has confirmed it. Both parties are loving each other right now. "Our problem stems from nothing," Gotti said before explaining how the onetime enemies got together. "I seen him at the [past] Grammys. Me, I know our problem all stems from bullsh--. From somebody who I don't like to mention anymore."

I.G. said he started thinking about siding with Game after he heard the Compton MC shout out his good friend Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff in one of his raps.

"I'm very into giving Supreme smiles," Irv continued. "[Game] said some lyrics, if you remember, bigging up 'Preme. So I went to Game at the Grammys and he was sitting with Jimmy Henchmen. Jimmy Henchmen is somebody I respect and somebody I'm rooting for. I've known Jimmy for a minute, and I'm happy for his success with Game. Me and Jimmy have a great relationship. I felt compelled to go over there. I put my hand out and said to Game, 'Yo, thanks for what you said about my man 'Preme, it gives him smiles.' I said thanks for that, and I want you to know ... love!' I seen Jimmy and gave him pound, like, 'My n---a.' I know it took Game off guard, but it was real. I was extending my hand to him, like, 'F--- all that bullsh--.'

"Next thing you know, him and [Ja] Rule started talking to each other on the pager," Gotti added. "He supporting us, we supporting him. It's real. We talk a lot. Rule is actually on the 'It's Okay (One Blood)' remix. Once you hear Rule's verse, you gonna go, 'Ohhhhh sh--!' No beefing, but the verse is fiery: 'The Rule, the Game, New York, L.A.!' When Game heard it, he hit me on the Blackberry, like, 'The Rule is back. Murder Inc./ Black Wall Street.' I felt his energy. Rule and Game have another record on Rule's album too. It ain't no beef, we ain't talking about no beef, it's just hit records. All that beef is tired."

In addition to Ja, the Game has tapped almost half of hip-hop to appear on the "One Blood" remix. Fellow Queens natives Nas and N.O.R.E. are on the track, alongside Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Bun B, Chamillionaire, Fabolous, Rick Ross, the DPGC, members of the Diplomats, Twista, the LOX, E-40, T.I., Young Dro, WC, Slim Thug and the Clipse.

Need more Game in your life? Click here for exclusive photos from his new video, "Let's Ride." ...

Since we're on Game, his homie DJ Skee just finished a new mixtape with Snoop Dogg. Not only did Snoop call on Skee, but he also asked DJ Drama and Whoo Kid to assist on the street CD. Three DJs, one MC, thatís keeping it gangsta.

 The Clipse
The Clipse came through MTV a couple of weeks ago, more smiles than sneers now that Hell Hath No Fury has what is supposed to be a solid release date: November 28. Since we did the preview piece on the album more than three years ago (see Clipse Take R. Kelly Out Of His Element And Into Hell"), we'll believe it once we're actually shredding the plastic off the CD and putting it in the box.

Artists don't send out advances of their albums anymore and Pusha and Malice have been extra cautious with Hell. Pusha holds the only copy of the CD and won't play it for any writer unless he's there in person. Last week, the duo shared a story of how the CD almost got jacked at the airport when the group was flying to New York during the summer.

"We fly out of them propeller planes in Virginia, and you can't bring nothing on except you. You gotta leave your bags with the baggage handlers," Malice explained. One of the dudes handling Pusha's bag took the liberty of snatching the CD from it after the group boarded.

"Not even at the curb, but plane-side!" Pusha marveled. Upon getting to the hotel in New York and realizing that the CD was grabbed, Pusha and Malice made, um, arrangements to get it back from one of the baggage handlers, who had it on him. Needless to say, Hell Hath No Fury like the Clipse scorned.

And finally, Green Lantern just wrapped up his tour with Jay-Z, and this is his last diary entry from his travels around the globe with Hova:

 Green Lantern
October 28: Melbourne, Australia

"All Around the World!!!!!!" Whatchu know about performing 30 shows on 5 continents in under two months with one of the biggest artists in the world? ... The Global Express/ Water for Life Tour was just absolutely, profoundly ... Crazy!!! ... that's the only word I can use to describe everything I've experienced these last eight weeks ... CRAZY!!! ... the people, places, cultures and especially the Water for Life part in Africa opened my eyes to a lot we take for granted in the U.S. ... (and especially in the rat race that is New York City) ... good lookin', Jay, for real ... now I'm ready to get back to home base and turn it up ... look out for that Presidential Invasion mixtape featuring Young Hova and the Evil Genius giving u highlights of the tour and exclusives recorded on the road...InVASION!!!!! P.S. Shout to Johnny Bueno on the hookup ... Greenery

Click here to follow Jay-Z on his Water for Life Tour, as he travels the world and addresses the global water crisis.

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