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— By Shaheem Reid

DJ: DJ Kay Slay and Clinton Sparks

Representing: Uptown New York and Boston

Mixtape: Kill Yourself Part One

411: Lucifer really does need to break out his thermal underwear, Timberland boots and furry hat with the flaps over the ears: His homeland has frozen over. Less than a week after the Red Sox won the World Series, New York and Boston are working together in thuggish harmony. Harlem's own Kay Slay and Dorchester's Clinton Sparks are doing the joint-DJ thing this week with Kill Yourself Part One.

Joints To Check For
  • "Run This City," by P. Diddy. Maybe rapping on a Kay Slay mixtape has rubbed off on the Diddster: Your boy is going at it rather roughly on the Clinton Sparks-produced record, venting at the haters. "You killed Big, y'all n---as seen me cry/ That ain't enough, y'all wanna see me die?/ What man said P.D.'s scared, he lied/ Hate on me because I got the keys to the city?"

  • "Do You Really" by Mobb Deep. Clinton Spizzy produced this track too, incorporating a bass guitar, but the most jaw-dropping aspect of the record is that Mr. Sparks has the Mobb using a Culture Club sample on the hook — "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?," no less.

  • "No Airplay" by Canibus & Young Zee. What? A Boy George sample on a Mobb Deep chorus and now Canibus is quoting LL Cool J on a freestyle? This mixtape is insane! Here, 'Bus and Zee rap about late-night creeping over the beat from Lloyd Banks' "I Get High." And peep Canibus' lines: "You know it's funky, funky, funky 'cause you heard it from hearsay/ A jam that you love but don't be getting no airplay…"

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • Calvin Klein's Streets is Talking
  • J. Period and JS-1 In the Trunk
  • Lt. Dan's Going Back to Cali and Flavor In Ya Ear

    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
    • "I Ain't Heard of That" remix by Slim Thug (featuring Jay-Z)
    • "Belt Holders" by Ghostface & Raekwon
    • "Bleed" by Obie Trice
    • "Official Tribute" by Kaeson (featuring Boe Skaggz)
    Celebrity Favs

    Lil' Wayne. How smart is the Birdman Jr.? No wonder his latest song "Go DJ" has become a hit — it's an anthem for record spinners everywhere. Weezey says he just wanted to give props because he's a fan of everybody behind the turntables.

    "They are the unheard people behind all the music," he says about turntablists. "It's not like they don't get acknowledged because they do, but they don't get acknowledged as much as [MCs]. So of course they are gonna love it if you acknowledge them right, and I believe I did."

    The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

    New Yorkers are always going at it to be the king of the Big Apple, but is there a battle for the crown of St. Louis about to go down? Chingy is the latest cover boy for XXL magazine (due on stands nationally November 9) and in his feature story, Ching-A-Ling addresses none other than the mayor of Nellyville.

    Ching has taken exception to the St. Lunatics captain on "Another One" from the Sweat LP where Nelly raps, "I like the way you do that right thurr/ Just remember when you do that right thurr/ I made it tight to be country/ They thought country was bummy/ Till country start making money."

    "I been rapping just as long, dude, flat out," Chingy tells the publication. "So by Nelly saying that ... I just feel like he shouldn't have said that ... He was threatened by me and I felt disrespected by that because I never said nothing to dude. How you gonna feel threatened when you got millions and millions and you sold millions of records? Do you, and let me do me."

    In the meantime, Chingy is currently working on a mixtape to come out around the same time his Powerballin' LP hits on November 16.

    The latest project from Damon Dash may cause N.O.R.E to lose his "newest member of the Roc-A-Fella family" tag, because Dash is hoping to add yet another recruit to the team. Much like how Nore came from Def Jam proper to Roc-A-Fella, Dash has been in negotiations do the same with Joe Budden.

    "Its not 100 percent official," Dash said on Friday of the deal. "I will say — on the record — Joe Budden is a guy I've been looking at for a long time. If you come at him on records, he's gonna come at you. He steps his game up and he makes hit records, plus he's an overall cool dude. If I could have him, he has a home with the Roc."

    Dash says that when and if Budden comes over to his label, he wants to get his album out as soon as possible.

    "The guys we do get, when they get here, they get a certain push," Dame continued. "If you look at Cam, [and] I'm real happy about the progress and evolution of Nore. We're promoting him the way he deserves. When there's an entity I respect, I make sure they get the proper push and affiliation. As long as they make the music, I make sure they get treated fairly, people hear them and they make some money."

    Lastly, you didn't think we were going break out without making good on last week's promise to give you the full scoop on Black Rob. Well, the MC who calls himself "Banco Popular" came home from jail in September after doing a six-month bid for failure to pay child support. Although Rob did not say whether or not the child was his, he claims he has not been in contact with the woman who accused him and only found out about it shortly before he was arrested.

    That's the good news. Yes, the good news. In 2002, Rob was stricken with a kidney disease called nephratic syndrome. It wasn't until he went to jail that he learned how to treat the condition.

    "You can't [get] the protein out as fast as the average mutha----a," Rob explained about the disease — which he said his mother also had — while getting his hair cut in P. Diddy's personal bathroom at Daddy's House studio. "That makes a you gain weight and sh--."

    Rob says he was supposed to drop the follow-up to 1999's Life Story in 2002, but the disease put him and his project on the sideline.

    "I been in the hospital in the past year-and-a-half on some real sh--," he continued. "The whole health thing is under control now though. Back when I first contracted it, I didn't know how to deal with it. I was always getting big. So I went and did my little six months and I learned about the sh--. Now I know how to control the sh--."

    Rob says he treats himself with medicine every day, administering it by needle to the stomach. While Rob credits his short jail term for focusing on his health, he also credits it for refocusing on music.

    "I done been through so much: penitentiaries, stretches, years man," Rob said. "That's always a good thing to go through for a n---a that's in the street because you go through so much. You learn so much being incarcerated. Any time I went to jail, it was for a [higher] cause, a [higher] reason. If I would not have caught that six months, I might not have found out about my disease. I wasn't even focused before I got locked up. Now, my work ethic is unstoppable. Back to the hunger. I need to kill these n---as."

    Rob has a street album coming out in the next few months called Bet on Black, then next summer he wants to drop his second official LP, The Rob Report. Shortly after that, he wants to drop his third album, Permanent Scars. So far, he's been working with Bad Boy producers Buckwild, Yogi and Deric "D. Dot" Angelettie. Swizz Beatz and Wu-Tang producer True Master have also given Blacko beats.

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Photo: MTV News

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