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The duo of Reggie Osse and Gabriel Tolliver just released their first book, "Bling." It takes a look at the life of opulence and the flashiness of hip-hop jewels. The pictures are real gems too.

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— by Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes

Artist: Jim Jones

Representing: Harlem, New York

Independent Album: Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment)

411: Jim doesn't drop for another week or so (November 7), but he exclusively breaks down his next album here and tells us what's up with that Jay-Z dis. But first, he shares the scoop on a couple of other situations. Byrd Gang member Max B is in jail for conspiracy to commit murder and robbery charges. Jim said he's working to get his man out. "We got Max all in order," he said. "Max is gonna be fine. His record is up and running. His song will launch the same day as my album. It's called 'Sour Deez.' " Recently, Jim performed at Howard University's homecoming. You might remember that one year ago, Cam'ron got shot after a performance at Howard. "Last year, unfortunately, Cam got into a little accident," Jones said. "It happens to the best of us. That will never happen twice. That's why we take proper precautions and we travel with the goons. I tore D.C. down [my last trip there]. I don't know where the haters was at, but if they was out that night, they probably would've ended up in heaven."

Now on to that anti-Hov freestyle, "Alarm." "The one where I'm dissin' Michael Jordan?" Jones asked sarcastically, chuckling. [The song's lyrics include the lines: "Y'all waiting on Kingdom Come, but his kingdom's done I seen kings get done."] "I'm not really going at him if you listen to it. It's tasteful. This game is built on competition. When [Jay-Z] was hot and had his little eight-summer run, he was taking so many jabs at so many people in the game, it was all love. Now it's my turn, and everybody's included. But I don't do battle rap. I don't have beef with nobody except the devil, so if y'all want that, y'all gonna meet him. This game is built on aggressive competition, and I'm gonna do what I do for the people to understand where I'm going. I got another song coming. It's got Dame [Dash] on it. It's called 'Roc-A-Fella Breakup.' "

Joints To Check For:

  • "Roc-A-Fella Breakup." "Dame is on the hook," Jim said. "My first two lines is like, 'First the Roc-A-Fella break up/ Now every day I wake up/ Somebody got something to say.' Oh!!!!!!! That'll be out in a couple of days. I gotta make this city hot before the album drop. I gotta let them know that's not typical for me, but everybody keeps tooting they horn about rappin' and rappin' and rappin'. But this life I'm livin', when I put it into words, that's real rap for you mutha----as. You can't take that away from me. Everything I spit about is everything I live. I'm trying to get my money, and anything less is uncivilized."

  • "Emotionless" (featuring Juelz Santana). "That's me and Juelz on there," he said. "You really need to get a load of that. 'Cold sweats, the bad dreams/ I hope the Feds don't bag the team.' We got some sh-- on there. Also, shout-out to Chink Santana [formerly of Murder Inc.]. He's the most incredible producer I ever seen. I seen it before my eyes. He went in there and he plays everything, every instrument you want, could think of, he plays it. I had a good time putting this live instrumentation on my album. Me and him just developed a partnership as far as the music is concerned. We just bought a million-dollar studio in Manhattan [New York]. We should be done building it by the time Christmas comes.

  • "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." It's a strong record, a real Diplomat record," he said. "I know y'all probably haven't heard a real Diplomat record since 'Crunk Music.' That's the second single. We about to shoot the video for that."

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week
  • Bang 'Em Smurf - Live From Sing Sing
  • C.L. Smooth - American Me
  • DJ Gyvis - Hood Havoc Volume 1
  • DJ Roli Fingaz - Kool Breeze R&B
  • DJ Vlad, Dirty Harry, Green Lantern and Clinton Sparks - Rapstar Phenomenon
  • Don Cannon, Jay Cee and Gene Brown - Sample Clearance
  • KD aka Han D Man - Worldwide 26
  • Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind
  • Tre Unda - Gutta Talk Part 1
  • Vill Rawsteen - The Hustlaz Soundtrack

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'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
  • AZ (featuring M.O.P.) - "Sit Em Back Slow"
  • The Clipse - "Ride Around Shinin' "
  • Jay-Z - "Lost Ones"
  • Joe Budden - "Club Song"
  • UGK - "The Game Belongs to Me"

Celebrity Faves

  Lenny Williams
Soul legend Lenny Williams — who's releasing his next album, It Must Be Love, soon — has a single called "Tuesday," and Too Short is rapping on the remix. He said with all the money he's earned from the royalties from Kanye West and Twista sampling his "Cause I Love You" for "Overnight Celebrity," he's been able to put his three daughters through college, pay off his house and still put money in a nest egg. "I never met Twista, but every time I see Kanye, I have to give him a big old hug," Williams said. He also would love to work with R. Kelly. The two are forever bound because on the "Down Low" remix, Kelly started to mimic his famous "oh, oh, oh, ohhhh," ad lib that Williams made famous on albums like Spark of Love. The Pied Piper has kept it in his repertoire. "First time I heard it, I had my band going from one city to another, and somebody said, 'Uh-oh, Mr. Lenny. Somebody's got you.' I said, 'Who in the hell is that?' When I realized it was R. Kelly, I said, 'Well, he's the master of R&B right now.' I thought it was an honor that somebody as prominent in his field as he is would know about me."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

  Mobb Deep
Say what you want about Mobb Deep's last LP, Blood Money, but our team was really feeling the record. They had some real hot joints on there. But the fact is, the album definitely got overlooked this year and the record didn't turn into another platinum plaque for the G-Unit family. Havoc and Prodigy aren't pointing any fingers, just moving on to the next episode.

"You could say a lot of things, come up with a lot of theories, but the music-industry sales are down overall," Hav said last week in New York. "You kind of look at [the industry] and be like, 'Whoa, what's goin' on?' My opinion is, you could say that it could be due to downloading, bootlegging. It ain't a big deal to us. We accomplished what we wanted to get accomplished. We got it out there, it's still out there, it's another one under the belt."

"We keep it movin' and move to the next album," Prodigy added. "We wasn't far from what we do all the time. A lot of people had high expectations, but we do what we do, and that's that."

Moving on for the duo means working on two solo LPs for sometime next year. Prodigy's set will be the sequel to his first and only solo LP, H.N.I.C. 2. Havoc is tinkering with the name Kush for his solo debut.

"I'mma pull a couple of tricks out of the bag," Hav promised. He also said he'll handle the beats himself. "Definitely, for this one, I'mma strictly keep it for myself. I think I can best represent myself on here through my production. This is like my baby — can't nobody touch that. I'm gonna keep it for myself."

While Havoc wants to make the beats himself, Prodigy said to expect him to be spitting most of the rhymes himself. "Collabs on there? Not really," he said. "Just know it's gonna be big things on the record with our solo albums. We not playin', son. Know we're gonna put our best foot forward, get ready for crazy hot music. When we make our solo albums, we get to go in, put down all your ideas, thoughts. Mobb Deep is a collaboration. With our solo album, we do what we wanna do. That's the real difference."

From the looks of things, Prodigy will be dropping his album first. "I have a mixtape in a few weeks called Return of the Mac to get y'all ready for the album. I'm not talking about pimpin' either. I'm talking about the Mac [10 gun]." ...

  Lil Wayne and Lloyd
In the words of Ghana-born comedian Michael Blackson (do yourself a favor and cop his dumb-funny new movie "Repos," which also stars Master P): "To make a long story even longer, 20-year-old singer Lloyd was signed to Murder Inc. a few years ago. He left the Inc. during their hiatus/transition, signed with Atlantic through Jazze Pha's Sho'nuff Records, but went back to the Inc. before the ink — pun intended — was dry on that contract. Now that Irv Gotti has a new situation for his label through Universal — yeah, the same Universal Music Group he dissed several months back — Lloyd is poised to make a comeback."

We can't even front: Lloyd's track with Lil Wayne, "You," instantly became one of our favorite singles — maybe even in our top five of the year — when we heard it over the summer in Atlanta. Now the song's momentum is really growing.

"It's a song I came up with, me and my team came up with, over a year ago," Lloyd said last week in ATL. "Wayne dropped his verses for it over a year ago." (Click here for photos from the video shoot).

The song first featured up-and-coming MC Tango Red, and the original got a few spins on Atlanta radio after Lloyd leaked it. After a couple of listens, the singer felt the track was missing something. It turned out to be Lil Wayne.

"I called up Wayne and said, 'You got my back, right? You told me you got my back,' " Lloyd said. "He came through for me and gave me four verses. ... We chopped it up and came up with what we have now. I saw [Wayne] at the video set. I said, 'Man, I just brought it to life, right?' "

Lloyd said his second LP (his debut, Southside, was released in July 2004) will be dropping in either late December or sometime next year. As you know, he's been on LPs by Young Jeezy and Rick Ross during his break from the spotlight. He has appearances coming up on new albums by Tupac and 8Ball & MJG.

And finally, Green Lantern is still on tour with Jay-Z and has another new diary entry from his travels around the globe with Hova. Here is his latest report:

  Green Lantern speaks to Jay-Z backstage
October 18: Bangkok, Thailand

Did I mention I'm in Bangkok, Thailand? ... Across the globe from NYC and across the street from the massage parlor. ... They don't speak much English out here, but they damn sure respect the American dollar. LOL ... oh yeah, they was real live at the show too ... 15,000 strong ... singing all night ... "Show Me What You Got" is killin' the afterparties out here too ... see y'all in Australia ... Green

Click here to follow Jay-Z on his Water for Life Tour, as he travels the world and addresses the global water crisis.

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