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— by Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes and Joseph Patel

Artist: Nas and Dirty Harry

Representing: Queens, New York

Mixtape: Living Legends Chapter 1

411: Living Legends was constructed almost like the famous Rap Phenomenon mixtapes. Harry, who had a hand in Rap Phenomenon, took some old, some previously unreleased, and some new Nas vocals and mixed them with a hodgepodge of hot beats. Obviously Nas is the star here, but he really credits the CD to Ill Will Records exec Mike Brinkley and DJ Dirty Harry. "Harry is a legend on the mixtape side of Queens," Nas explained. "He's a QB legend. Even before I was in the rap game, I was buying his tapes on cassette. So really him and Mike Brinkley ... were the directors, producers and exec producers of that joint. ... It was due. [Mike's] been in my ear, telling me to put something out so we had to do it."

Joints To Check For:

  • "The Official" featuring Big Pun. "I wanted to do a Big Pun mixtape because he is also a legend, but until that is done I try to fit him in wherever possible," Harry said. "I titled the collabo 'The Official' because [he and Nas] represent hip-hop's most elite."

  • "UBR" and "Shootouts 2005" featuring Maino. "I have two favorite tracks," Harry explained. "There is the one that gets the most rotation in my system and the one that I spent the most time creatively working on. 'UBR (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)' is the one I put the most creative work into. I followed Nas' lyrics and used hit Rakim beats to bring the story to life. 'Shootouts 2005' gets the most rotation because [the original] 'Shootouts' is one of my favorite Nas songs. I wanted to remix it, so I got Maino to drop a verse and added a new Nas verse as well. It came out crazy."

  • "Black Girl Lost" featuring Papoose and Tre Williams. "Papoose as a lyricist has a lot of meaning in his songs, which is similar to Nas," Harry noted. "I knew it would be crazy to redo 'Black Girl Lost.' "

A lot is going on with Nas besides this mixtape. He's working on his next masterpiece, he has some "unfinished" business with 50 Cent, he's contemplating changing labels, and oh yeah, there's an always a possibility that he may do a song with Jay-Z. He's not saying yes, but he's not saying no. Get the lowdown in our exclusive interview, "Nas: Major Figure."

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • "Blast DVD Magazine"
  • Bun B's Trill
  • Cutmaster C's "True Stories DVD Part 4"
  • Evil Empire and Big Mike's Be South 6
  • DJ Envy and DJ Lenny S' We Gets Busy Pt. 4
  • DJ Finesse's "R&B Legend"
  • Stackhouse Recordings and Jenny Blaze's Who Is Scott Storch? Instrumental Invasion #4
  • DJ Vlad's Hot in Here 7 (mixtape and DVD)

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
  • Bun B featuring Jay-Z, Young Jeezy and Pimp C - "Get Throwed"
  • Juelz Santana and Young Jeezy - "Best of Both Hoods"
  • Lil' Eazy-E - "Gangsta Sh--"
  • Lil' Wayne - "Damage Is Done"
  • Sheek Louch - "One Touch" and "Kill Yourself"
  • Young Buck and 50 Cent - "Celebrity Hoes"

Celebrity Favs

  Lil' Wayne
Lil' Wayne Carter, who just put out his Suffix mixtape with DJ Khaled and MixUnit.com, flat out loves his name. Especially his last one. He's naming three more albums after it once his next official LP, Tha Carter II, drops in December. "Carter II is the follow-up to Tha Carter, of course," he said. "I'm doing five Carters. [I'm dropping] Tha Carter II and this is my year of being 22. Next year I'll drop Carter III ... I'll drop Tha Carter V and I'll be 25 — that's half of my life — and I'll go on to do something else."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

  Prodigy, Tony Yayo, Mase, 50 Cent and Havoc

Mase still has them talking with his G-Unit freestyles. If you haven't heard, he has a joint that dropped a couple of weeks ago called "Check Cleared" on which he's throwing a light jab at Diddy and calling Brandy a hoe (to her on again-off again boyfriend New York Knick Quentin Richardson no less). People have been calling in to New York radio stations, calling Pastor Murda a hypocrite. The G-Unit's "Energy God," Tony Yayo, says let Mase do his thing.

"I feel like he felt like he was in a situation and had to get things off his chest," Yayo explained of Mase's recent hardcore freestyles. "He's around 50 and us, he's feeling good, he's in a good situation. It's just a mixtape rap.

"I think he wanted to see if he still had 'Murda' in him, and he did," Yayo added. "On them tracks he's spitting fire. When everybody around you is spitting like that, maybe it tempted him to spit like that a couple of times. 'Let me see if I can go toe-to-toe with some of the best artists that's out right now.' "

Yayo also said he's heard new Mase material that is leaning on the more conscious side, but will be controversial nonetheless.

  Juelz Santana
Juelz Santana has hit the sophomore jinx with a dead-arm blow and knocked it out. We had the opportunity to hear his eagerly anticipated second LP, What the Game's Been Missing, a few days ago, and we can tell you Santana is still the truth.

Speaking of the Dips, remember a few weeks ago when Cam'ron hollered and told us he was trying to woo Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz to Dipset South? Well, Paul says it might happen.

"Cam's, the homie," Paul said. "I met Cam in like '98, '99. I like the way them boys kick it. If me and Cam get together, we gonna do it big. We talk every now and then about it, but not too much. I still got this Youngbloodz album I'm working on."

The Bloodz's new LP, Ev'rybody Know Me, drops December 6.

  Dem Franchize Boyz

Dem Franchize Boyz say they're just laughing at them. Getting back never felt so good, and the first people they're chuckling at is Universal Records. The company put out the Boyz's self-titled debut last year but, according to the group, refused to put any backing behind the release of their would-be second single, "Oh I Think Dey Like Me." Now that the remix is hotter than the grease at your favorite Chinese restaurant, the four-man collective says it feels vindicated.

"We had been telling them about the record for so long, but they said it sounded too much like 'White Tee,' " explained group member Jamall "Pimpin" Willingham, who produced both records.

The group — which also features Jizzal Man, Buddie and Parlae — eventually sought and was granted its release from the company earlier this year and has signed with Jermaine Dupri's So So Def label. The Franchize Boyz already had a great working relationship with JD after he jumped on the remix of "White Tee." When JD was working on his So So Def compilation Young, Fly and Flashy, he called them up to do a record, and it turned out to be the hit remix of "Oh I Think Dey Like Me."

As for the other people they're laughing at, just listen to the song. "Retaliation," Jizzal Man explained of the meaning of the record. "There were people in Atlanta who had a whole bunch [of answer records to] 'White Tee.' They had records out like 'My Throwback,' 'My Fitted Cap,' 'My Black Tee,' 'My Red Tee,' 'My Pink Tee,' all using our beat. They came behind us and copied our style, copied our song."

Dem Boyz are hoping the whole world copies their dance, though. In the video they do a jig where they sway from side to side, snapping their fingers. The dance is actually the name of their new single, "Lean With It, Rock With It." The group's second LP is called On Top of the Game and is due in February.

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