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Stylist Jaclyn Golden

Stylist Jaclyn Golden can help you get fly whether you're a grungy street soldier hanging on the block or an Academy Award winner heading to a party with the stars. Golden can boast clients past and present like Jamie Foxx, Wyclef, Jordan Knight and even Jodeci, but it's picking out hot outfits for Saigon that's gonna win her street cred. Peep the hoodie she got for him when the new video for "Pain in My Life" comes out. Nuts!!!!

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— by Shaheem Reid and Joseph Patel, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes, Bridget Bland and Dillon Khan

Artist: Big Mike

Representing: Connecticut

Mixtape: This Is Why I'm Hot Part Four

411: If you read this column, you already know who Big Mike is. He keeps it consistent, but he did take a break from looking for the new exclusives to tip us off on what he has on his new mixtape — in his own words ...

Joints To Check For:

"Alarm" by Jim Jones. "The Jim record is a little subliminal at the Mike Jordan of rap [Jay-Z]," Mike says. "Good street record. Jones is on his grind right now. The diss shouldn't hurt Jay because he has been in this game for a long time and has his core fans. Jimmy has the hottest record in New York ['We Fly High'], and Jay came for a day and took the city over. I don't think Jay is going to respond. He showed you that with the Cam'ron diss.

  • "Rollin' Up" by Jadakiss featuring Swizz Beatz. "The Jada and Swizz is actually a record that was supposed to be on [the Ruff Ryders'] Ryde or Die Vol. 2," Mike explains. "I mysteriously got my hands on that — don't ask no questions! I do think 'Kiss is about to make the best album in his career. I'll put money on it."

  • "All About My Paper" by Baby and Lil Wayne. "The Baby/Wayne record is a heat rock off the Like Father, Like Son album," he clarified. "It's a definite head-nod. Plus, New York cats are finally starting to accept the fact that this kid Weezy spits, man. Big ups. Wayne spits for the street. He has the kids going nuts in the South how the Dips have it [out] east.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week
  • Termanology's Hood Politics IV
  • Suge White's Papoose vs. Saigon
  • Joey Fingaz & Ray Cash's Clangin and Swangin
  • DJ Chela's Torch Pass
  • DJ Scoob Doo's The Usual Suspects
  • DJ Kurupt's Rick Ross vs. Young Jeezy (Open Case Vol. 1)
  • DJ Mo' Fire's George Bushwick, Pollitrix Vol. 1
  • "Cheddar, Vol. VI" DVD

Click here for more of Mixtape Monday ...

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
  • Talib Kweli (featuring UGK) - "Country Cousins"
  • Snoop Dogg (featuring R. Kelly) - That's That Sh--"
  • AZ - "Life"
  • Diddy - "Hold Up"
  • Omarion - "Icebox"
  • Cherish (featuring Da Brat) - "Unappreciated" remix

Celebrity Faves

  John Cena
WWE champ and star of "The Marine," John Cena says he's amped up that new albums by Lloyd Banks and Ludacris are in the marketplace, and is looking forward to the new ones from Eminem and Nas. When it comes to his good friend Freddie Foxx, he's not mad that Bumpy Knuckles is going at Rakim.

"I love it," he said of the rivalry. "Because hip-hop enjoys beef. These are two guys who know hip-hop, two of the great lyricists of all time. They know it's hip-hop — it's nothing more than that. This is a lesson to all the young guns that if somebody disses you on wax, don't go shoot them up. This is hip-hop, keep it hip-hop. If you're an artist, be an artist."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Jay-Z is a lot of things: Superman, Batman and Spiderman all rolled into one, if you listen to his new song, "Kingdom Come," the title track from his November 21 release. Who expected him to be a comic-book head? The title was inspired by a graphic novel of the same name, where Superman comes out of retirement to save the world. Jay gives all the credit for the title to his longtime engineer Young Guru.

"The inspiration came from a song I just did with Guru," Jay explained from Africa, where he's currently on tour. "Guru is into comic books and all types of stuff. To expound upon 'Kingdom Come,' every man has his kingdom, whether it's a security guard at the mall — that's his kingdom. [Hip-hop] happens to be my kingdom."

The last thing Sir Hova of Brooklyn wants is for his kingdom to crumble. On "Kingdom Come," he proclaims himself "not just New York's but hip-hop's savior."

"I believe hip-hop needs events, not 'saving,' " Jay clarified. "That's just a play on words. It needs events to keep its freshness and keep going. When rock music didn't have enough events, it went through a [down] time, and I guess Green Day, the Killers, Fall Out Boy and guys like that are bringing them back to where they are supposed to be. For a moment, rock was struggling because there weren't enough events. So watching that happen in rock music, it could definitely happen in hip-hop."

Jay says Kingdom Come is absolutely one of those "events" that will keep hip-hop on its course. "It's not like I'm saving hip-hop singlehandedly," he added. "[Dr.] Dre's album is needed also. [We need] different albums like that — big albums." ...

  Black Thought
You can add the Roots' Black Thought to the list of artists such as Method Man and LL Cool J who are not exactly elated with how their projects have been handled by Def Jam.

"I'm critical too," Thought said last week in New York about the company. "I'm critical of Def Jam too and the way it's run. I'm just trying to fulfill my obligation, work hard and keep it movin'. Sometimes you got too much on your plate: When you should be concentrating, your focus is elsewhere. But I'm no diva about it, you have to be self-sufficient with any label." Thought says the Roots owe Def Jam one more album. ...

  Jim Jones
MixShow's Power Summit took place a couple of weeks ago, with artists from Jim Jones to Lil' Flip to Chamillionaire heading down to the Dominican Republic to participate. As you may have heard, J. Period won Mixtape DJ of the year. Cam'ron was among the other winners, taking home Street Record of the Year for "Suck It or Not." One MC said he has no interest in attending.

"I would never go to any of the MixShow summits right now because, who are these n---as [putting it on]?" Nas asked. "You gotta spend money to go to some MixShow convention for them to cake out? Where's the money going to? If you an artist and gotta do that sh--, you corny. I'd rather invite some MixShow n---as to go to a show of my own." ...

See photos from the Summit, including performances by Jim Jones and Lil' Scrappy right here.

  Paul Wall
Paul Wall dropped by the studio the other day to play a little bit more of the upcoming Swishahouse compilation, The Day Hell Broke Loose, Vol. 3 (remember, Vol. 2 gave birth to Mike Jones' "Still Tippin' ") and to prop up his man Lil' Keke, the H-Town veteran whose new deal with Swishahouse unites the North and South sides. Keke is one of the fiercest lyricists out of the Texas underground and is awaiting his shot to go national. He says his first single, "Candy Tricycles," will sound familiar to EPMD fans.

Meanwhile, Paul talked up his trip last spring to Sierra Leone, where he got to see life in the diamond mines firsthand. Without his trademark grill, rings and jewelry, Paul met local kids and young adults who slave away in diamond mines overloaded by mercenary contractors. "I thought it would be like caves but it's like 'The Flintstones,' a gravel pit," he says. "People get thrown in there and only get paid for what they find. I met one dude who found his first diamond after six months." Paul said he was moved by the people he met in the mines, in hospitals and on the streets. His trip was filmed for an upcoming documentary being produced by veteran journalist Raquel Cepeda.

And finally, Green Lantern is still on tour with Jay-Z and has another new diary entry from his travels around the globe with Hova. Here are his latest reports:

  Green Lantern and Memphis Bleek on a bus in Africa
October 9: Luanda, Angola

Angola is wild, for real. We had to leave one hotel and check into another 'cause it was almost rushed by the local people ... There was a crowd of 500 outside the hotel having a party from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. I couldn't sleep so I filmed them from my secure second-floor window. Crazyy!! You'll see that on YouTube in a minute. ... At the venue they were hopping over the back wall left and right and getting beat by the police right and left. ... Nothin' but love from the crowd at the show too. Intense screaming for all the songs even though they all spoke Portuguese. Go figure — this is Africa. Africa!

October 11: Cape Town, South Africa

Another day, another country. OK, so after doing some pretty wild shows in Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria and Angola, it was a welcome change flying to Cape Town. It's like a South African resort on the ocean compared to the rest of the continent. ... The views are incredible and the people are a crazy mix of a bunch of different countries. ... Seeing Robben Island, where Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years, was eye-opening to say the least. The concert was crazy as usual. Rihanna is out here for the South African run. They gave her 'nuff love. ... Of course the 15,000 in attendance went nuts when they saw me — I mean, when Hov touched the stage. ... Another show, another crazy-ass afterparty too. Shout to Urban Promotions for the red-carpet models greeting the crew as we entered the spot. ..."

Click here to follow Jay-Z on his Water for Life Tour, as he travels the world and addresses the global water crisis.

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