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Fire Starter: Danjahandz
Through his association with Timbaland, Danja boasts a production credit on one of the year's biggest songs, Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack," along with nine other songs on Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds. He also helped out on Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous." Stepping out on his own, 'Handz has beats on some of the G-Unit's new albums as well as the Game's The Doctor's Advocate and Diddy's Press Play.

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— by Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes, Liz Hernandez, Bridget Bland and Jasmine Dotiwala

Artist: DJ Smallz

Representing: Dirty South

Mixtape: Southern Smoke 29

411: Smallz has more exclusives for you, and in the next few weeks, he'll be droppin' them like crazy. He's working on mixtapes for Lil' Flip, Carmelo Anthony, Slim Thug and Lil Scrappy, and on Southern Smoke 30, he promises new music from a Houston legend. But you can't get to 30 without 29, so here's Smallz telling it like it is.

Joints To Check For:

  • "Chain Hang Low" remix by Jibbs (featuring Lil Wayne and Yung Joc). "That remix is incredible — one of the hottest Southern hip-hop songs in the nation," Smallz said. "The beat is the same, but Lil Wayne goes crazy talking about his infatuation with jewelry. That was one of the first records I heard Joc talking about his new chain. ... He calls it 'The Fruity Pebble chain.' "
  • "Untitled" by Block (featuring Boyz N Da Hood, DG Yola, Alfamega, Trae and Yung Joc). "Block is, of course, the CEO of Block Entertainment," Smallz said. "He's starting a new movement called the 'Block movement.' This song has a bunch of guys on there. He calls them the Block Boys. They all shooting 16. It's amazing because everyone is representing a different 'hood, and they all coming together for Block."
  • "Music for Gangstas" remix. "That record was actually on DJ Drama's and Yung Dro's Gangsta Grillz: Day One," Smallz said. "It was on Pharrell's Gangsta Grillz too. I called Drama for it and got Slim Thug on the record. He blessed me with a super sweet 16 on there."

    Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week
    • DJ Chela - High Treason
    • DJ KD - Worldwide 25
    • DJ On Point - The Ghetto Entertainer
    • DJ Scope - R&B Overdrive
    • Nina B. - Tha Bosstress

    Click here for more of Mixtape Monday ...

    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
    • Diddy (featuring Nas and Cee-Lo) - "Everything I Love"
    • The Game (featuring Nas and Floetry's Marsha) - "Hate the Game"
    • Jay-Z (featuring Nas and Chris Martin) - "Dead Presidents" live from London
    • Ludacris - "Slap"
    • Mos Def, Jean Grae and Memphis Bleek - "Crooklyn Dodgers 3"
    • Raekwon - "Rooftop"
    • Young Jeezy - "I Love It"

    Celebrity Faves

    The Game came through our office and played a bunch of tracks from his upcoming LP, The Doctor's Advocate. Believe everything your man is boasting about the LP: It's just that sick. One of our favorite songs is definitely "Hate the Game," which features Nas. God's Son said his West Coast homie is the truth. "Man, I met Game through my boy LES before Game's [first] album came out," Nas said. "I met him in L.A., and we kicked it right there. Since then, he kept it straight G with me. Dude always kept it straight G, and I think he's one of the tightest dudes out there. He wants it, he's going for it, he's a warrior. I can appreciate that a whole lot."

    The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

    Where do we start with Nas — he has a lot going on. Last week, he jumped onstage with Jay-Z in London and said he might join Hov for more stops on the Global Express Tour.

      Nas onstage in London
    "There are some conversations me and Jay are having about doing some more tour dates," Nas said last week in the U.K. the day before taking the stage at Royal Albert Hall. "Nothing is confirmed, but there are some serious conversations about Africa and a few other countries.

    "I would like to do the Africa thing," he continued. "And that would be about it, because it's the most important thing for Africans to see two African-Americans, their lost children, who's been the head of hip-hop culture. ... A lot of our verses are misinterpreted in other countries, and they get the N-word wrong and they don't understand why we come up like this and why we say the things we say. So when they say it and when they do it, they just doing the gangsta mentality. They don't understand where it comes from, so we want to bring that connection from America to Africa and show them what we mean and show the brotherhood and show that me and this brother is about peace." (Click here for photos of Nas and Jay-Z from the tour.)

    Nas' peaceful mindset has changed his perspective on some things recently. While some people raised an eyebrow when 50 Cent named a recent mixtape Hip-Hop Is Dead because it's the same title as Nas' upcoming official LP, God's Son said it didn't bother him.

    "Honestly, I've always been the kind of guy to come back in and set the tone and wake people up," he said. "I do realize that, and it's sometimes a conscious decision for me to do that and sometimes it's just what I do. So when artists take a mixtape, like 50 Cent is doing Hip-Hop Is Dead, I think that's cool because it's definitely him in agreeance with me. I think the whole rap game is in agreeance with me to some point. I think it's real cool, but my album is the real thing."

    Nas' Hip-Hop Is Dead ... The N is supposed to come out in December. He's still working but said we'll be hearing a couple of songs from the album really soon.

    "It's probably gonna be a street look," he said. "There's a nice street look I got right now. It's between two songs I'm trying to choose from — [one is] tentatively titled 'New York Stomp' and 'QB True G' is the other one — and there will be a main record that's more mainstream."

    Nas is also making the rounds with guest appearances. He's on a remix of LeToya's "She Can't," Hi-Tek's "Music for Life" and Diddy's "Everything I Love," all of which are out now. ...

      Snoop Dogg
    By now, everyone knows that hip-hop's most legendary artists have reunited: Dr. Dre produced for Snoop Dogg's upcoming Tha Blue Carpet Treatment. But will the Dogg appear on Dre's long-awaited Detox LP? In the words of the G from the LBC, "Helllll yeeeeah!"

    "I mean, we got to do it," Snoop said recently in L.A. "That's what we do. That's the whole purpose of me doing Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, so that way he can walk on the blue carpet and do his Detox record. I'm the foundation. I gotta be out. Let everybody know it's 'hood, it's still good. Whatever [Dre] needs from me, he got. I'm with him regardless. Dr. Dre, that's the godfather."

    The Doggfather also said he wants to capitalize off Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, beyond the music itself.

    "Look, I got a movie coming out," he smiled. "It's an animated movie called 'Tha Blue Carpet Treatment.' It's an adventure. I mean, it's a cool cartoon, man. You ain't never seen a gangsta cartoon like this, man. I'm talking about everything goes down in the 'toon, man. Be on the lookout for the adventures of 'Tha Blue Carpet Treatment,' my animated movie." ...

      Flavor Flav and New York
    New York from both seasons of VH1's "Flavor of Love" has nothing but great things to say about Flavor Flav. But as for the other women who are trying to become his wifey this season, let's just say she won't be inviting them to Thanksgiving dinner.

    "Deelishis is an Amazon," New York said. "She's large, she's huge. That girl, you have to see her in person. She is two tons of fun, and I am not even coming down on heavier-set people, I just mean that this girl to me, personally, reminds me of a mix of Andre the Giant and — who's the other guy? — Bigfoot. Krazy, I mean, seriously, the girl is looking to get discovered. She is the type of woman who would sleep her way to the top if need be."

    If you thought she was hard on them, wait until you hear what she has to say about her season-one foe, Pumkin. She said she owes her a little something after Pumkin hocked a loogey on New York in the second-to-last episode. "That trailer-park bitch Pumkin, I can't find the urchin," New York said. "I have been looking for her, and nobody wants to give me any information. She has the nerve to say that that spit was digitally enhanced. That's bull, and I think she lives under a rock. I cannot find this girl."

    New York also shot down rumors that she has her own show on the way, but she did detail how it would be if she ever had one. "I know the sh-- would be the bomb," she said. "Crazy parties, crazy club scenes, just going for broke. It would need an octane rating, that's how off the chain it would be — but I don't have my own show." ...

      Justo Faison
    Details are still coming in, but it's official: the 10th annual Mixtape Awards show is set for December 7 at New York's Apollo Theater, according to reps for the show. We're going to keep you posted in the coming weeks with more specifics on the show. ...

    Look out for the Game's remix of "One Blood." Fat Joe is on it, Lil Wayne spit a verse for it, and although Game isn't letting the rest of the lineup out, we hear he reached out to a couple of other really hot cats from Down South who are known for their street raps. ...

    "My Block: Chicago" is around the corner. Watch rookie rapper Lupe Fiasco lead MTV News around his hometown and reveal how he got his stage name. Plus see a preview of the show, which premieres October 9 on MTV2. ...

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Photo: MTV News

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