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Fire Starter: DJ Unk
You thought ATLiens were getting down by doing the snap dance? Wait until you see Atlanta natives like Outkast all walking it out. Somebody has to capitalize on the steps, right? Enter DJ Unk, the latest member of Big Oomp's Oomp Camp of DJs. He spins records and raps, and his "Walk It Out" is one of the most popular records in his hometown. Unk's debut, Beatin Down Yo Block, is coming soon.

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— Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes

Artist: Gillie Da Kid

Representing: Philadelphia

Mixtapes: The Notorious K.I.D. with 31 Degreez and Jay Fusion, King of Philly with DJ Kay Slay, an unnamed mixtape with Cosmic Kev and Best of Appetizers with Supastar Jay

411: Now that Gillie Da Kid has his street buzz up again after dissing Cash Money, he has to hit the pavement with actual songs. Fortunately he has a bunch: Gill is dropping four mixtapes with a few DJs within the next several weeks. He gave Mixtape Monday an exclusive preview of each one.

Joints To Check For:

  • Any song off the first installment of Appetizers. "When I signed to Cash Money, I thought it was going to be smooth sailing," Gillie said. "I told them what I wanted, it wasn't a problem, it was like, 'Let's get it done.' [Later] I realized it wasn't going to be smooth sailing. I had to find me another foundation. I took to the street and am giving them Appetizers till the main course gets here. These Appetizers CDs are huge in Philly. I throw an event and it be 2,000 people here."

  • "Friend of Mine" from King of Philly. "It's a record where I display a different type of fly," Gillie explained. "It's a soulful beat. I'm trying to raise the bar in the music game, letting people know I can come from all bases. You're not gonna hear the same flow, same patterns. My flow on there is real choppy."

  • "G'D Up" featuring 8Ball off The Notorious K.I.D. "I'm not even sure what record that is," he said. "I did a bunch of joints with 8Ball. Him and MJG are my homies. They always gonna be friends of mine, just like Tony Draper. I don't even know what that one is, though. It might be a record we did with Scott Storch. I got so many records."

  • "Unnamed Freestyle" off the Cosmic Kev mixtape. "Bruh, this mixtape is so new, we're still recording it," Gillie revealed. "Kev said he wanted to work [together], so I'm doing a bunch of stuff right now. He wanted to personally handpick the beats. He didn't want me to rap off the mainstream beats that everybody raps off of. He said he wanted to keep it raw but not [use] known beats. He wanted to go a different way. One beat I recommended that I had to do though was over Rick Ross' 'Push It.' I did a 'Push It' freestyle. I tried to come with a different flow on that. I say, 'Philly is gritty, I'm the king of the city/ You should come to my parties, they may name me G. Diddy.' "

    Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week
    • Yung Joc - Street Hustle Volume 3
    • DJ Fur.E - Clash of the Islands
    • The Aphilliates and Beanie Sigel - Streetz Is Watching
    • Gravy and Jadakiss - Gravy: The Big Co-Sign
    • Brandi Garcia - Southern Stiletto's 6
    • DJ Strong/ DJ Warrior - Cali Untouchable Radio 12 Mix
    • DJ Scope - Operation Shutdown Pt. 6
    • Various artists - On the Come Up - The Hood Edition

    Click here for more of Mixtape Monday ...

    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
    • Justin Timberlake featuring Three 6 Mafia - "Chop Me Up"
    • Fat Joe featuring Lil Wayne - "Make It Rain"
    • Ludacris featuring Mary J. Blige - "Runaway Love"
    • Beyoncé - "Upgrade U" and "Get Me Bodied"

    Celebrity Faves

      Juicy J
    Justin Timberlake may have been left off Three 6 Mafia's all-Tennessee love fest "Stay Fly" last year, but JT has made his hometown connect with Three 6 nonetheless. The group is featured on "Chop Me Up," from his FutureSex/LoveSounds. Three 6 actually compare love to being chopped and screwed.

    "It was great working with Justin," Juicy J said. "We are [all] from Memphis, so the Southern vibe was there when we recorded the song."

    "It was a dream come true for us," DJ Paul added. "We knew it was a smash hit."

    The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

      Akon and Eric Roberts
    There have been so many wild stories coming off the set of the recent Akon and Eminem video shoot for "Smack That." But Kon is just thankful he got to make music with Slim Shady.

    "Being on a record with Eminem and it being my record, that's major," Akon said. "He don't really work with a lot of outside people. Trying to secure him, it was a blessing because it was easy. I never thought it would be so easy. I realized how much I've grown as artist and how much he respects me as an artist. He received me with open arms. I'm always going to be grateful to him."

    Akon connected with Em via Obie Trice. Kon produced and sang the hook on Obie's single "Snitch."

    "From there [Obie] called and said Em wanted to meet with me and work some things out," Kon continued. "I flew out to Detroit and once we met, we clicked instantly. That's my dude right there."

    Slim actually produced the original version of "Smack That," which has been getting some radio play, and Kon produced a remix. The two versions will be blended together for the video.

    "He works like I work," the singer said of Eminem. "He don't need a studio. He leans out to get with his family, comes back in the following morning. We got the same hunger."

    The "Smack That" video is inspired by a film that helped forge the basic blueprint of cop buddy films in contemporary Hollywood.

    "The concept is like '48 Hours,' " Kon revealed. "I'm Eddie Murphy and Eric Roberts is going to play Nick Nolte. We reached out to him and he welcomed us with open arms too. It's crazy. I'm looking for this bad little chick. Eric Roberts is convincing me to help him find her. Then we have Eminem, we're gonna do our performance parts together. Eminem is coming up in the club. ... I don't want to give it all away."

    Akon's new album is called Konvicted and comes out December 12. Snoop Dogg and Styles P. also make cameos. ...

    Ludacris' Release Therapy is just a few weeks away and more details are trickling out about the project. Among his big collaborations is song called "Do Your Time," about being in jail.

    "It's me, Pimp C, Beanie Sigel and C-Murder talking about people that's locked up," Cris said recently said in Atlanta. "Classic. It was incredible because anybody I do a record with, I'm automatically a fan of myself. With that being said, to be able to get all three of them on the same record — and everybody knows their history, what's gone on in their lives over the last five years — it's going to be one of those songs that's gonna hit you. It's already certified just by saying the names that's on there. (Click here for photos of Ludacris in the studio)

    "I got C-Murder [to rap on the record]," he added. "I'm talking about as soon as he touched down [from prison]. So I thank each and every one of them for doing that, man. Pimp just got out, Beanie and C-Murder. So it's a classic song, believe that." ...

    Omarion has one of those joints: "Entourage." Like Amerie's "1 Thing" a few years ago, O has an R&B record that all the rappers are loving and using to make unofficial remixes. First Joe Budden, then Papoose.

    "It feels good to know that I can create a song that is not exclusive to a single genre, but can be enjoyed by fans of all different types of music," Omarion said. "It is pleasing to know that not just R&B cats, but hip-hop heads can appreciate the record."

    50 Cent was feeling the song so much, he made his own freestyle record over O's beat called "Ghetto Superstar." Omarion one-upped him, taking 50's vocals and making his own remix to "Entourage."

    "I am a big fan of 50's music," the singer said. "I was surprised because 50 hasn't put anything out recently, so I was ecstatic to know he hopped on my record. I have to say, 50 killed it." ...

      Green Lantern
    DJ Green Lantern is on the road again. The producer who used to be Eminem's record spinner has been hired by another legendary MC, Jay-Z. When Hov kicks off his international tour in the next few days, Green will be on the 1s and 2s. Besides playing Jay records, Green will be making his own mixes to hit records that are huge internationally.

    "It's definitely an honor to be DJ'ing for Jay-Z on his world tour," Green Lantern said. "I'm bringing an international flavor to the music this trip, with special versions of songs I made for different cities to spice things up ... [I'm] looking forward to it."

    Jay-Z's tour starts in Poland on Saturday.

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Photo: MTV News

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