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Tony Matterhorn

Tony Matterhorn has been heavy on the reggae scene for years, but this summer is definitely going to be his mainstream breakthrough with the hit song "Dutty Wine." The Dutty Wine is probably the biggest dance craze in the clubs, and if you look on Youtube.com, you'll see 1,000 fans doing their own versions of the dance.

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— Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes and Bridget Bland

Artists: Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana

Representing: Cash Money and the Diplomats

Mixtape: Blow

411: We've been talking about the Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana mixtape I Can't Feel My Face for months. They haven't exactly made us wait as long as Dr. Dre, but come on, fellas. Now Ohio's Mick Boogie has come to the rescue with Blow. After 12 tracks from the I Can't Feel My Face recording sessions were leaked, Boogie compiled those along with some older records for the new mixtape. "As a DJ, it's our job that when some hot sh-- comes out, we give it to the people," Boogie said.

Joints To Check For:
  • "Rewind." Juelz and Weezy deliver a smorgasbord of flow and swagger with this freestyle. "I do better, who better?" Juelz asks. "You never abuse cheddar/ Playboy, Hugh Hefner."

  • "Rep My Hood." The delivery is simple, and you'll definitely be rewinding Lil Wayne's verse as he adds some extra twang to his Southern drawl. "That's the game, stop looking for a fair call/ Pussycat n---as, watch 'em cough up a hairball/ Move the Ferrari like a wild horse/ Or I get chauffeured like a mob boss."

  • "Hot Sh--." Not really much to say about this one. But after hearing this record, you'll demand this duo record a real album together. Some CEO better break out the checkbook.

    Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week
    • Big Mike - This Is Why I'm Hot
    • Chino XL - Warning
    • DJ Cool Breeze - Da Great Yola
    • DJ Drama and Young Buck - Welcome to the Traphouse
    • DJ Rondevu - The Homicide Files Part Two
    • Various artists - Heat Wave IV: The R&B Edition

    Click here for more of Mixtape Monday ...

    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
    • Cassidy - "It Is What It Is"
    • DJ Kay Slay and DJ Greg Street - "Pop That Trunk" (featuring Yung Joc, Papoose and Chamillionaire) and "One and Only" (featuring Remy Ma)
    • Gunnz - "Janky"
    • Sam Scarfo - "Body Bag"
    • Unk - "Walk It Out"

    Celebrity Faves

    "Step Up" co-star Mario has a new LP called No Regrets coming out in December, and he'll be keeping a close eye on this year's Video Music Awards with millions of others on Thursday. "I definitely want to see the King perform; I want to see T.I.," he said. "I'm supporting that movement. I want to see Beyoncé get wild on the stage. She always does. I want to see Sasha come out on the stage. Justin [Timberlake], I definitely want to see Justin too. It should be a good show."

    The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

    What's up with Nas' upcoming LP Hip-Hop Is Dead ... The N (see "Nas Says Hip-Hop Is Dead — New Album Due In September")? Def Jam said the album has a tentative November release date. Nas' camp said he's still in the lab working and everyone is pleased with the quality so far.

    And Nas said fans should get ready.

    "It's totally a blessing, man," he said late last week in New York. "We're gonna stomp them, man. I think a few people gonna ride with me. Everywhere I go, they're talking about [the album]. It's gonna be crazy. It's another level straight up."

    Nas, who was out on the town celebrating his wife Kelis' birthday last week, also confirmed that he and the Game have been recording together and are sitting on fire.

    "We got a crazy joint," he said. "I was thinking about just putting that out as a single. That's how crazy it is." ...

    Papoose is rap's latest million-dollar man — $1.5 million to be exact. Pap signed a deal with Jive Records last week through Streetsweepers/ Flip Mode.

    "We definitely had a lot of options, but we had to get a clear lane to do what we do," Pap said Friday.

    Besides the small fortune, Papoose said he was lured to Jive because, unlike Interscope and Def Jam — both of which offered him contracts — the label is not saturated with hip-hop artists. Papoose most notably joins the Clipse on Jive's roster — now the label just has to push his record the right way.

    "I know what the combination of me and [DJ] Kay Slay is gonna bring to the table, adding to the power of [Jive CEO] Barry Weiss," Pap said. "We're gonna prove to everybody what we can do with a label like Jive.

    "We're making a statement where dudes from New York City can get a deal worth a million-plus," the Brooklyn native added. "I hope the next dude can come and get more than me. That's how it's supposed to be. It's supposed to be like a ladder. With Jive behind me, [my movement] can only get bigger."

    Papoose hopes to release his upcoming LP, Nacirema Dream, before 2007.

    "We aiming for this year," he said. "The deal just got signed. We're at the round table as we speak. Everybody got their thinking caps on."

    Papoose said he's still recording even though he has more than an album's worth of material. Tracks produced by Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz and DJ Premier are definite keepers.

    "Y'all can look forward to a serious album," he promised. "I'm not gonna play."

    Papoose should have a single and his next mixtape, Second Place Is the First Loser, out soon. He also just finished up guest vocals for M.O.P. and a new Tupac song. ...

      G. Dep
    G. Dep basically disappeared for the past several years. We haven't seen him since he put out 2001's Child of the Ghetto.

    Dep isn't exactly the most talkative person you'll meet, but when we ran into him, he said he's been back in the studio working and might be putting out another album on Bad Boy in the future. One thing's for sure: He hasn't lost his spit game. Dep dropped an ice-cold a cappella freestyle, and the boy still has lyrics. ...

      Daz Dillinger
    Daz Dillinger said once Tha Dogg Pound drop their solo LPs, everybody is going on one big tour together.

    "Tha Dogg Pound album just boosted everybody's careers up and got everybody geared for the solo projects," he said about the recently released Cali Iz Active LP, where he, his cousin Snoop Dogg and Kurupt came together as a trio.

    Although he felt Cali could have been promoted better, he said to look forward to another DPGC album in the future — but not before his So So Def debut, So So Gangsta. His new single, "Weekend," features Jermaine Dupri's main songwriting accomplice, Johnta Austin.

    "It's partying from Thursday to Sunday, bagging girls," he described of the record. "It's having a good weekend."

    Production-wise, he said, "I went to the South with it. It's in the West Coast and the South. I'm catering to everybody."

    So So Gangsta comes out September 12 and features production by JD, Scott Storch, No ID and Sooperfly. You'll find songs like "Thang on My Hip" and "Rat-A-Tat-Tat," and Ice Cube is among the guest performers.

    You can also find Daz and Kurupt on the Game's upcoming The Doctor's Advocate LP.

    "We've been out trying to keep this West Coast thing together," Daz said about the unity in Cali. "We're not worried about no beefs. We're trying to make it happen."

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Photo: MTV News

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