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Fire Starter: Jibbs
Two-time Golden Glove boxing champ Jibbs hails from St. Louis and got his start locally battling MCs 10 years older than him. The 15 year-old recently signed to Geffen Records and is preparing his debut, Jibbs Featuring Jibbs, for release later this year. His single "Chain Hang Low" is winning over the younger audience, but one of his tracks, "King Kong in the Trunk," is the real monster mash.

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— by Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes and Bridget Bland

DJs: Tapemasters Inc.
Mixtapes: Purple Codeine Part 8 and The Future of R&B Part 10
411: The Tapemasters get the Clipse to host the hip-hop-heavy Codeine mixtape, while Beyoncé shouts the Masters out on the R&B disc, which includes a new B track, "One Night Only."

Joints To Check For:
  • "Ain't Cha" by the Clipse featuring the Re-Up Gang (from Purple Codeine Part 8). How great is it to hear music by people that put effort into their lyrics and actually have hot beats to match? The Re-Up Gang kick references to "Kill Bill," former pro wrestling executive Eric Bischoff, planet of the Bapes and even "Frère Jacques." Look for the official release of this track on the "Step Up" soundtrack and the Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury. Other groups better stop playing.

  • " 'Bout It" by Mya featuring Yung Joc (from The Future of R&B Part 10). Not to harp on the "Step Up" soundtrack, but if you check out that album, you'll hear something really strange. This song is featured, except with 3LW singing instead of Mya. When we say it's the same song, we mean it: The track has the same Joc guest rhymes, the same beat — it's even in the same key. Producer Kwame explained that the record was originally planned for Mya, but Jive — the label releasing the "Step Up" project, lobbied to get the trio of little women on the track to launch their upcoming album. "It got so wrapped up in the politics," Kwame said, noting that he didn't have a problem with anyone working on the song. Now that the Mya version has leaked, Kwame said the people can decide which one they prefer.
  • "Turn Out the Lights" remix by Mary J. Blige featuring Jay-Z and T.I. (from The Future of R&B Part 10.). According to sources close to the project, this song was originally meant for Blige's The Breakthrough LP but didn't make the cut. Jay laid his guest rap first and T.I. jumped on it later — making "Lights" the first track featuring verses from both Tip and Hov.

  • Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week
    • J. Period - The Best of the Roots
    • Serius Jones - King Me
    • DJ Jelly and MC Assault - Fo Da Family
    • DJ Drama and Young Dro - Day One
    • Wille the Kid and La the Darkman - Dead Presidents

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    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
    • Trey Songz - "Are U a Performa?!"
    • Trina - "What's Beef"
    • Lil' Kim - "The Game's in Trouble"
    • "Chinese New Year" by the Clipse featuring Roscoe P. Coldchain
    • "Times Are Hard" by Bishop Lamont featuring G.A.G.E.
    • "Weekend Love" by Cam'ron

    Celebrity Faves

    SWV's Coko is working on a solo gospel album — Grateful, due October 3 — as well as a new LP with her group scheduled for summer or fall 2007. She's feeling the way Jermaine Dupri flipped a sample from SWV's "Rain" for Chingy's "Pulling Me Back."

    " 'Rain' was one of my favorite SWV songs," she said. "It's an honor to have our music heard by a new generation of fans."

    The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

      DJ Drama
    When it comes to Andre 3000, you know you're going to get classic material, it's just a matter of playing the waiting game. Dre and Big Boi are supposed to make a Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, but the Aphilliates frontman says it's been a bit difficult getting verses from the singing 'Kast member. (Click here for photos of DJ Drama)

    "It's been kinda hard," Drama said, sitting in the Aphilliate Music Group's new offices — the space used to be occupied by T.I.'s Grand Hustle company. "I'm not even gonna lie. God willing, hopefully we'll get something out of him. He's been pretty on the up-and-up about getting on the project. He's been excited about it. But getting him to get to the rhymes is a hard thing."

    Drama has plenty more Gangsta Grillz coming, including a new edition by Young Buck.

    Drama's first official Gangsta Grillz album is looking like it will be out in December, and you can bet you'll see a lot of the usual suspects, including Lil Wayne, Buck, Young Jeezy and T.I.

    Drama has taken time away from spinning at T.I. shows to focus on the album.

      Young Dro
    "It's gonna be the movement, the definition of the foundation," Drama said. "Since it's the first album, I want to accumulate everything I've done the first five years of the series [but] it's not going to be a compilation. I'd like to compare it to what Dr. Dre did with The Chronic. It's going to be fun. I want you to go from beginning to end and feel like it was an extremely powerful mixtape. Gangsta Grillz is the movement, that's what the album has to be.

    "We got our powerful stable," he added. "Don Cannon is gonna hold down a lot of [the production]. Detroit Red is gonna hold down a lot of it. But we've been collecting beats for years. We're putting [the album together] step by step."

    Drama, DJ Don Cannon and DJ Sense also recently finalized a deal for their Aphilliates Music Group to put out music through Asylum Records.

    "Most definitely. Plain and simple, Aphilliates Music Group is official. It was a good move for us. We stayed in the same building with Atlantic. We can get a lot done with what Cannon is doing with his production and what we've been doing with the mixtapes and the movement. We're trying to do some big things in '07."

    The first release off from Aphilliates Music Group will be the debut from La the Darkman's brother, Willie the Kid. Willie — not to be confused with Philly's Gillie the Kid — has been down with Drama before the first Gangsta Grillz tape was even made. The Kid's next mixtape, Divide and Conquer is coming out soon. ...

    Young Dro says he's taken off his Salamander sandals in favor of some Stingrays, but he's still keeping it pimpin' — especially now that he is finally getting some recognition.

    "I work for it," Dro said of his "Shoulder Lean" single. Hip-hop fans in the South are well aware of the record — it's been out on the underground and in clubs down there since last year. Over the past few weeks, the track has busted out nationally.

      Flavor Flav
    "It's a relief," Dro said. "Finally. It's a nice experience."

    Dro, a childhood friend of T.I., said he's always been nice with the words, though his regal homie found the spotlight first.

    "I knew him since I was 13,' Dro explained. "He respected my flow, I respect his. He tried to get me a [record] deal before he got his."

    Now signed to Tip's Grand Hustle records, the rapper drops his LP Best Thang Smokin' on August 29.

    "The project is wonderful," Dro promised. "You got Jazze Pha on there, Nitty, the Runners. It features T.I., Slim Thug — there ain't too many people on there because I can pretty much hold it down myself. You gonna buy my sh-- 'cause I'm on there."

    "The one with me and Slim Thug, it's some real playa stuff going on in there. The one with me and Tip is called 'My Girl Got a Girlfriend.' We collaborated on things that go on behind closed doors. It's a freaky-ass song."

    Dro's next Gangsta Grillz mixtape, Day Two — the sequel to Day One — will follow his album's release. ...

    A real crazy rumor that we've been hearing for weeks is that a supergroup of hip-hop legends was forming. The unlikely lineup? Flavor Flav, Doug E. Fresh and Spinderella. "Huuuuuuuh?" a baffled Flav asked last week. "Hey, you just gave me a good idea. That's the first I ever heard of it. Guess what? We need to make that rumor come true. Flavor, Doug E. Fresh, and Spinderella. That would be something else!" ...

    A shout out to the young homie Lloyd who used to make music with Murder Inc. He signed to Jazze Pha's Sho Nuff label a few weeks ago, with releases distributed through Atlantic. Look out for Lloyd's hot collaboration with Lil Wayne titled "You."...

    Former Atlantic artist Fat Joe has been in talks with several independent labels to put out his new album, but his rep says not to believe the rumors that he has signed to a Virgin subsidiary. Joe is touring in Europe and hasn't inked any new deal yet.

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