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Born in Galveston, Texas, and raised in Colton, California, Tory "40 Glocc" Gasaway is far from the projects where he grew up, a 'hood so wild that it was called the "Zoo." Glocc is managed by Mobb Deep's manager Storm, was signed to the Mobb's Infamous Records several months ago and now has a mixtape, DVD and album in the works. Obviously Havoc and Prodigy are going to appear on the LP, but 50 Cent and Dr. Dre are also in talks to put their hands on the project. His song "Where Them Hammers At" is out now.

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— by Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes and Bridget Bland

DJ: Jaycee

Representing: Detroit

Mixtape: Timeless Material: Michael Jackson, the Soulful Years - Volume One

411: OK, who is DJ Jaycee, you ask? Well, he was the last of six members to join the Aphilliates, a crew of Atlanta-by-way-of-Philadelphia spinners, before getting the nod to be Ludacris' DJ.

This week, Jaycee goes to Detroit, and of course, the only way to get to the heart of Motown is by taking a trip in the way-back machine. Jaycee has set his sights on Michael Jackson — early Michael Jackson, thankfully, since much of his Jackson 5 material blows his later catalog away.

So let's just take a quick break from listening to stories about pulling the gats out, flippin' the birds and a shawty shaking it in the club. Instead let's take a quick trip down memory lane — after all, it's probably the first time down that path for many of us.

Joints To Check For:
  • "La-La (Means I Love You)." Obviously the Delfonics popularized this record by producer Thom Bell, but hearing a young M.J. croon the lyrics would even bring a tear to Ghostface's eye. Amazing that someone so young had a voice that sounded so mature.

  • "All I Do Is Think of You." If you're under 30, you might've thought Bad Boy's B5 came up with "All I Do" by themselves. But the original was actually a 1975 composition by Brian Holland and Michael Lovesmith that was sung by Michael and his brothers, afros and all. Their tune about taking the long way home from school so they can see a girl continues to be mind-blowing.

  • "Ready or Not (Here I Come)." Here's another Delfonics track the J5 later picked up. On this version, Jaycee adds a Lauryn Hill sample to remind us exactly where L. Boogie copped lyrics for the Fugees version. Here Jackson sings, "Gonna lovvve you/ And make you love me/ You can't run away/ From this love I got, oh baby/ Hey baby, 'cause I got a lot."

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • DJ Envy and Lupe Fiasco's Chi-Town Guevara
  • Tapemasters Inc.'s Twins
  • Jokaman's The Next Big Thing
  • DJ 007's Forever Trill
  • DNA & Chopper's The Re-Up
  • DJ Radio's Civil War Part 4
  • Lil Skrilla's The Incredibles
  • K-Salaam's The World Is Ours

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'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
  • "Project N---as" by Young Buck (featuring Mobb Deep)
  • "Deja Vu" by Beyoncé (featuring Jay-Z)
  • "Ridin' " remixes by Chamillionaire
  • "What They Want" by Inspectah Deck
  • "It's What It Is" by Masta Killa (featuring Ghostface and Raekwon)

Celebrity Faves

Rakim was just one of the legends Busta Rhymes pulled onstage a couple of weeks ago at Hot 97's Summer Jam concert. The God MC says it was amazing to be up there with the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane.

"Busta blessed me," Rakim said. "That many different artists being in the building and being on the stage at one time? I'm glad Busta honored me and [laid out] the welcome mat. I was glad to make my presence felt and support Busta with his new album."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

Last week, everyone from Oprah to Jay-Z rolled out to help L.A. Reid celebrate his 50th birthday. Congratulations and gifts were in abundance, but Nas says he gave L.A. a gift that will keep on giving.

"A new Nas album," he said on the party's red carpet in Manhattan. "That's what I got him.

"He's a big inspiration," Nas added of Reid. "Keep going, baby."

Not that the streets aren't feeling "Don't Get Carried Away" — Nas' collaboration with Busta Rhymes on Bus' new album, The Big Bang — but what happened to the duo's "Rough Around the Edges," which has been heating up the mixtapes for several weeks now? It's nowhere to be found on the LP.

"It was never on the album," Busta answered recently in New York. "Plus, I didn't want to have two Nas songs on the album, because it's different when you're rhyming on both songs. If Nas just did a chorus on one song, I wouldn't mind, because he's not presenting himself in the same way. Q-Tip is on two songs on the album, Marsha [Ambrosius] from Floetry is on two songs. But Marsha does the chorus on one song and ... sings at the end of the record. Q-Tip does the chorus on one song and raps on the other song. Nas rhymed on both records."

  Busta Rhymes
Busta said another factor with "Rough Around the Edges" being relegated to mixtape-circuit dwelling is that he didn't think Def Jam would clear his friend for two songs.

"They're just not going to do that," Bus laughed. "They're the ones that's gonna try to maximize Nas' presence. They're not gonna let that happen on a Busta Rhymes album. I had the choice to get one of the two [songs for my album]. ['Don't Get Carried Away'] felt a little better for the event. It felt like we could go and perform that record and smash the venue. ['Rough Around the Edges'] was more conceptual: It was a slower record, even though it was intense. [We figured that] if we had to choose one, let's go with the one that's gonna smash 50,000-seat venues."

Busta shouldn't have any trouble getting the crowd going with his new joint with M.O.P. He recorded a guest spot for the G-Unit Records signees.

"I'm always excited to work with M.O.P.," Bus said. "I'm a major fan of them dudes. I'm definitely on their new album. It's [a song] called 'Monkey Sh--.' It's hard. It's always excitement when they are willing to do records with Busta Rhymes. And they always come through for me when Busta Rhymes wants to do records with them." ...

  Rick Ross
Everyone is still talking about our report last week that revealed Rick Ross might join Boyz N Da Hood. This week, Ross himself phoned in to give a little clarity.

"I don't know, man," Ross said about officially becoming a Boyz member. " 'Cause at the time Block and Diddy presented it to me, I wasn't sure yet. I wanted to focus on my debut, Port of Miami, which is due August 1. And I got my group Carol City Cartel, which I'm getting ready to establish. But it's looking like it may come together. We gotta sit down and chop it up."

Ross says he and Block met each other on the pavement.

"Running around in the A," Ross said, referencing Atlanta. "Block was doing his thing, I was doing mine. We developed a bond in the streets."

Even though the paperwork hasn't been signed, Ross confirmed that he has recorded with dem Boyz. "We got records on deck," he said.

As many know, Ross recently completed a remix of his breakthrough single, "Hustlin'," with Young Jeezy and Jay-Z. Ross says Jeezy wasn't in the lab, but he got a chance to see Hov do his thing.

"Just watching his whole creative process is a hell of a thing. He murked that verse. We got the remix that's real hot, and we finnin' to drop the second single, 'Blow.' I'm about to blow. It's like a real club joint. The debut album is a classic. We got Jay, Jeezy, UGK, Mario Winans, Ne-Yo and Monica all on it.

"[The song with Monica], it's called 'Street Life,' " he added. "A real crazy record. You need your woman in your corner holding you down. That's what she did — she held me down on that record. We got a song called 'Pushing It,' it's on some Scarface kind of sh--."

Besides his own project, Ross is featured on the remix to LeToya Luckett's "Torn" with Mike Jones and appears a few times on DJ Khaled's new LP, Listennn: The Album. And if you're looking for a cameo to go in the You-Would-Never-Believe-It file, just check out Ross on a new song by the Delfonics.

"My lawyer was handling some work for them and he plugged that up," Ross said of how the collaboration came about. "I told him I would love to work with legends." ...

  Ras Kass
Ras Kass is hoping that, in just a couple of more weeks, he'll be done with his litigation with Capitol Records and free to sign to another label. Ras says he already knows where he's going to land but isn't disclosing as of yet.

" 'Amistad MC, so give us free!' " he said recently in New York. "I'm almost out of there."

Ras just put out a mixtape called Revenge of the Spit and is working on a new one called Eat Ou Mourir.

"We'll have more street records. I'm gonna keep it classic Ras Kass," he said. "I make music for you to think to. Not necessarily to dumb out. Because [Eat Ou Mourir is being overseen by] Whoo Kid, [I'll have guest appearances by] my family and the G-Unit family."

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