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— by Shaheem Reid, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes, Sway Calloway, Corey Moss, Larry Carroll and Bridget Bland

Artist: DJ Khaled

Representing: Miami

Mixtape:This Ain't a Movie Dogg!

411: DJ Khaled is holding it down on 99 Jamz in Miami, but look out — he's putting his foot back in the mixtape game real heavy like Sasquatch. Khaled, who has produced beats for upcoming albums by Freeway, his Terror Squad brother Fat Joe and Lil' Kim, is flossing real hard here. Not with jewels and cars, but with clout. He called on a bunch of his homies, including Fabolous, Cassidy and Ja Rule ("I went to his mansion in Miami to record that one," he said). His main bragging point is that almost every one of the 34 tracks is a freestyle recorded exclusively for Khaled. But we're gonna let him tell you himself. Below, Khaled describes some of the tracks. Lisssss-innnnn.

Joints To Check For

  • Scott Storch and Timbaland playing the beats from a few of their biggest hits live. "I wanted to do something different," Khaled explained. "Scott and Timbaland are my people. I said 'Let me get these guys to do something on my tape.' Scott's playing the drums and the keys at the same time. It wasn't 'Record this track first, then record that track.' Scott was playing live. Then Timbaland walked in, and they put that classic together."

  • "Return of the Dynasty" by Freeway. "I picked the beat [from Snoop Dogg's 'Tha Shiznit'] and Freeway came in my lab," Khaled said. 'I think you'd sound dope on there.' That beat is classic. I didn't hear nobody touch it besides Snoop, so he had to body that real quick. I let him hear my mixtape, and he was like 'I'm ready to go.' He doesn't write in a notebook; he writes in his mind. He sat there for 20 minutes and was like 'Turn the mic on; Let's get it poppin'."

  • "Bring Me My Curry Chicken" and "Pharmacy" by Busta Rhymes. "Busta is my man," the DJ said. "He loves hip-hop so much. He appreciates the whole mixtape thing. He's a real hip-hop person; it's a whole 'nother energy. When I make that call, he's always there for me. Bus rolls with his studio — he has a laptop, a mic and an engineer that goes everywhere with him. He does a freestyle in his room or a bus. He doesn't stop. It'll be time to go to the club, he'll be like, 'Let me lay this freestyle first.' "

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • DJ Rhumble's The Ill Na Na: Best of Foxy Brown
  • Get Low and JT the Bigga Figga's The Game: West Coast Resurrection
  • DJ Envy's Blackout and Down & Dirty R&B Pt. 3
  • DJ Smallz's Southern Smoke # 17 and Dirty R&B #5: Apple Bottom Edition
  • Justo's "The Mixtape Documentary" DVD

'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
  • "Controversy" by G-Unit
  • "Get the F--- Outta Here" by Cassidy
  • "Compassion" by Buckshot and 9th Wonder
  • "Listen Baby" by Fat Joe featuring Mashonda
  • "Just Watchin' " by Tupac featuring Snoop and Charlie Wilson
  • "Back Up" by 50 Cent, Notorious B.I.G. and Styles P

Celebrity Favs

Playwright, composer and movie producer Tyler Perry — best known for playing the "quick to bust a cap" gangsta-grandma Madea — likes the soul men. "I'm a music nut," he said. "I like everything from Nelly to Nelly Furtado and everything in between. It's crazy. Right now it's Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, all of those real singers. I'm welcoming them back to R&B."

The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

There's still a little bad blood for 50 Cent in Newport News, Virginia (nicknamed Bad Newz), and its surrounding areas. On The Massacre's "Ski Mask Way," 50 raps "Bad Newz, VA, now that sounds great/ I see n---as with that ice on, rims shined up/ This town's ... waitin' to get f---ed."

50 went on local radio station 103 Jamz and explained to one of the area's top DJs — Law of the Boodah Brothers — that he wasn't dissing Virginia and was simply rapping from the perspective of a stick-up kid seeking new territory. Still, retaliation is brewing. Several underground MCs from Bad Newz and other parts of the Tidewater area — including Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth and Chesapeake — are making dis records toward 50 and putting them out in the streets.

Meanwhile, way over on the other side of the country in Hollywood, people are reacting to 50, shouting them out with blushes and "Thank you"s. The ladies of Tinsletown love how the G-Unit general mentioned them on the street remix of Tweet's "Turn Da Lights Off" (see "50's Next Date: Jennifer Aniston, Tyra Banks, Paris Hilton?").

"He said that? Wow, that's funny," Tyra Banks reacted when told that 50 said she had the best breasts in the industry. "I take that as the most love, the most respect. No matter how misogynistic the lyric is, I don't think its coming from that point of view. I think it's total love."

"Oh my God, that is good. If a rapper puts your name in his record, then you are official," smiled Regina King, who 50 said he'd cut off his own hand to spend the night with. "I'm digging that. My son will probably think it's kinda cool, like, 'My mom's name was in a 50 Cent song.' Every girl wants to have her name in a song. You feel kinda special."

Gabrielle Union laughed, saying that she would have to hand the phone to her husband first if 50 called her up, but she was open to him mentioning her in his rap.

"I'm just happy to be in the G-Unit camp," she said. "Thanks for shoutin' me out."

Sanaa Lathan wouldn't disclose what she would do if 50 tried to get with her, but the woman who teamed with Predator to kick some Alien booty last summer says Fif is far from being hard on the eyes.

"I'm definitely a fan of the poster with the greased-up chest, and the greased-up ... you know. He seems like he's been in the gym," Lathan laughed.

Although he left Nicole Richie out of his verse and name checked her buddy Paris Hilton, Lionel's daughter wouldn't be mad if she ended up in a future 50 recording.

"It'd be pretty sexy. Yeah, that'd be cool," Richie said. "I am a fan."

There is one actress who isn't as smitten with 50 or what he's doing musically. "I could care less," his former girl Vivica A. Fox sneered. ...

"Na na na oh!" Amerie couldn't be more pleased that her song "1 Thing" is being remixed so many times and is showing up on mixtapes.

"There are a lot of remixes," she smiled. "I like a lot of the remixes that are out there. Someone told me there was a DJ in Milwaukee that put an older Jay-Z verse on there. I love the Fabolous one; he did his thing. B.G. did a version that's hot. I heard the Juelz Santana one, and he's like, 'I'mma be like aiiiiiy.' I was like, 'Oh, that's so funny.' It's really cute. He's a really sweet person. 'Aiiiiiy!' Eve's is actually the official one."

Amerie said she wanted to get with the former Ruff Ryder to show female unity (see "Amerie Growing Up But Keeping Her Clothes On, Thank You"). The two will be shooting a video for the remix.

"We'll probably just add some shots to [the original], 'cause I love the video the way it is," Amerie beamed.

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