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— Shaheem Reid and Joseph Patel, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes, Curtis Waller and Kimberly Rufen-Blanchette

DJ: Smallz

Representing: Da Dirty

Mixtape: Southern Smoke 16: Murder 4 Life

411: As fans and family of the incarcerated brother of Master P. continue to holla out "Free C-Murder," C gets to express himself to the streets (with a little help from DJ Smallz) by hosting a mixtape. C is also going to be heard on his next solo album, The Truest Sh-- I Ever Said, on March 22. Besides the No Limit soldier, Smallz also has a bunch of records from Juvenile, Mystikal, Nappy Roots and Jermaine Dupri. Lil' Wayne even brings out B.G. onstage during an in-concert performance of "I Miss My Dawgs."

Joints To Check For

  • "All Y'all Heard of Me" by C-Murder featuring B.G. C-Murder and B.G. are legendary names in their home city of New Orleans and the two come together on this murky track. B.G. has his usual jazzy flow, but C has slowed his delivery way down almost to talking. "Y'all don't wanna mess with this hot boy," he raps. "Money bustin' out my sock, boy/ It's hot and now these cops on my jock, boy."

  • "Take a Picture" by Lil' Scrappy featuring Mase. Who knows where the Mase vocals came from, but considering that he raps "Run through any Mrs." and references the famed jeweler Tito (the man you'd get your shines from before Jacob took over), it might be a little dated. But still, it feels good to hear the smooth-out MC over a crunk beat: "Uh — c'mon. C'mon, cmon, c'mon."

  • "Southern Boys" by Trina (featuring T.I. and Lil' Flip). What??? T.I. and Flip on the same record? Impossible? These days, yes. However, the word on the street is that this record was recorded before the beef between the two started cooking. Matter of fact, this song wasn't even originally Trina's record: They did the song for a rapper out of Atlanta named Alfamega.

Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

  • DJ EFN's Underground King Vol. 31

    Jail Break Recordz's The Clean Connection

    DJ Rhumble's Honey Love

    DJ Buddah's Caribbean Connection 2.5

    Keyz' Top of the Game Radio Freestyles Pt. 1

    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
    • "Corners" by Common (featuring Kanye West)
    • "Can't Get Out the Game" by Nicole Wray (featuring Beanie Sigel)
    • "Just a Moment" remix by Nas and Quan
    • "Cobra" by Mobb Deep
    • "Where I'm From" remix by Game (featuring Dr. Dre and Nate Dogg)
    • "Mind Control" by Canibus
    • "Hogg In The Game" by Pimp C
    Celebrity Favs

    Since Cam'ron is in effect a free agent, where's his favorite spot to lay low while contemplating offers from several labels? Definitely not New York and its eight-degree weather. "I been in Miami the past two months waking up to 80-degree weather," he said. "I've been driving Lamborghinis and Porsches. I just got back to New York, I'm disgusted. I'm going back to Miami next week."

    The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

    Now that Game has a #1 album, he knows it's only a matter of time before he feels the jealous ones' envy. He foresaw it, in fact: Just listen to "Hate It Or Love It" from The Documentary. " 'Hate It Or Love It' transpired due to the fact that when you rise to the top with everything in your life — whether it be rap or you're the best doctor at the hospital or the smartest kid in the class — it's in the human nature, it's just common for people to hate," Game said. "It's been going on since the beginning of mankind and me and 50 wanted to touch base on that and kinda just tell people, 'Whether you like it or not, we're here to stay and we're not goin' anywhere.' "

    One of the record's standout lines are 50's opening words: "Coming up, I was confused, my mommy's kissing a girl/ Confusion occurs coming up in the cold world." "I give my real experiences in my music 'cause I don't think anyone can ID with what I just fantasize," 50 explained. "There's somebody out there that's going through the exact same thing that will ID with me on another level, and it will draw them deeper into me as an artist."

    "I felt that 50 was being a little honest right there and we talked about the situation, him growin' up," Game offered. "I felt real, real, real sensitive to that and I got my own hardships and shortcomings in my life, so me and 50 kinda shared life stories. And when I hear it, I hear a man tellin' a story about his childhood and how he came up and how he viewed his mom coming up and how that was different and hard to accept. But we're grown now and people have the individuality to do what they wanna do. It's a great song at the end of the day I talk about my mom on that song, too."

    50 said that even though he's sold 10 million records across the world, he still wants to talk directly to the 'hood. So that's why he put out his G-Unit Radio Part 10: 2050 (Before the Massacre) mixtape (see "Mixtape Monday: 50 Cent Returns To The Streets; Cool & Dre Work Overtime"). "It's the underground, so I feel that it's important to keep a presence there," he explained. "Meanwhile, Interscope Records doesn't see where it makes sense for me. Like they'll say, 'For an artist of your caliber, it's not necessary.' But it's necessary to me to stay exactly the way I was. I'm gonna do everything that I did on my first project."

    It's been ten years and a resolution in the ongoing feud between Mobb Deep and Keith Murray still looks like it will never end. Both Prodigy and Murray have been getting at each other on the mixtapes in the past few weeks. Too young to remember? Well it all started on Mobb Deep's 1995 The Infamous album where P made disparaging references to rappers who talks "space sh--" in their rhymes and rap about smoking weed. Keith Murray was offended. "Mind you, I'm the Philly blunt king," Murray said last week from his home. "I got 'Get Lifted' out at the time and Redman is known for smoking Buddha and how to roll a blunt and all that. Erick [Sermon] was like, 'Yo, this n---as is talking about y'all.'" Eventually, Murray and Prodigy talked about the alleged diss at an Onyx video shoot and the whole situation was laid to rest after Prodigy said his comments were not directed toward the Def Squad.

    Tension sparked up again though when P rapped, "Some pu--- niggas feeling guilty about some space sh--" on the 1996 LL Cool J posse cut "I Shot Ya," which also featured Fat Joe, Foxy Brown and — ironically — Keith Murray. The beef escalated one night after both Prodigy and his crew and Murray and his crew were at the legendary nightclub the Tunnel. Murray says he saw P and a companion standing outside across the street from the club and proceeded to "snuff him." Prodigy has said in songs that he had the upper hand. "Trigger the Gambler was right there [as a spectator]," Murray howled. "Soon as it was over, he walked up to me and was like 'Yo, I seen that sh--.' My word is bond."

    To make a long story short, Prodigy and Murray never crossed paths again and things between them seemed to die down until P made the recent dis record "Bad Blood," going at Littles, Jay-Z and Mr. Murray. "I never said nothing," Murray barked. "All I did was action. So now it's my duty to prove how I can crush this n---a. The n---a is weak, I'm waiting to see what it all boils down to cause the n---a can't f--- with me, and he's a liar. He's gonna use lies to try to create a false perception, but he picked a doozy." Murray has released three anti-Mobb Deep records called "Vigilante," "I Hook Off" and "Takin' it Back." All are going to appear on his next mixtape: Kickin' Ass Incorporated Vol. 1 with his boys the L.O.D. "Kicking ass incorporated, where we make kicking your ass our personal business," he detailed. Murray is also halfway done with his next solo album, which he says will be released independently. Erick Sermon is going to produce the entire project and Redman will appear. "I'mma beautify this sh--," he promised. "[The album] might be called Beautification. I'm back in the muthaf---in' zone. This summer I wanna drop it."

    One of the best-kept secrets on the New York party circuit right now is DJ crew the Rub: DJ Ayres, Eleven and Cosmo Baker. They've just released their first official mixtape together, It's The Motherf---ing Remix, a blend-style joint that mixes up a lot of hip-hop, rock and soul mash-ups. They get some friends like Mark Ronson and Diplo of Hollertronix involved, too. Our favorite is the Cherrelle "Saturday Love" classic over the Coolie Dance riddim and the Joe Budden/ Jimi Hendrix mash-up. Cop it — only if you're ready to dance.

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