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— Shaheem Reid, Joseph Patel and Rashaun Hall, with additional reporting by Rahman Dukes

Artist: 50 Cent

Mixtape: G-Unit Radio Part 10: 2050 (Before the Massacre)

Representing: Queens, New York

411: DJ Whoo Kid gave us a little insight last week, but this week we give you the full scoop. 2050 follows in the vein of some of 50's collector's-item mixtapes, like 50 Cent Is the Future and No Mercy No Fear. 50 has a borderline arrogant swagger, but with his made-for-the-streets CD sounding better than plenty of other artists' official albums, we really couldn't expect any less. His gristly lyrics aren't showing any signs of being spoiled by success.

Joints To Check For

  • "Put a Hole in Yo Back." Possibly the most sick moment on the mixtape, on this track 50 threatens to turn the tables on anybody giving him a look of disdain. For anyone who's forgotten his pedigree of thuggery, he runs down some of his résumé from where he wrote his first rhyme to how his associates used to conceal 9 mm weapons under their bulky jackets. "It ain't my fault the 'hood made me grimy/ ... N---as in the pen gonna hear this and lose they minds."

  • "Bitch What U Know About." This track also features Young Buck and new G-Unit member Spider Loc, but it takes a while to even get to them. 50 leads off, rapping with maximum velocity over the beat from Mike Jones' "Still Tippin." "A little candy paint, a little bit of chrome, a little wood grain, a n---a money long/ I calls shots in this bitch like a boss should/ What the f--- I want in yo 'hood?"

  • "We Gonna Hit Yo Ass Up" featuring Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. Obviously these three have been together the longest, so they have the best chemistry out of any MCs in the G-Unit. Here they rap over Slim Thug's "3 Kings" track about getting drunk, baring arms and partying. Peep the line from 50 where he says, "Nicknamed my chopper Scrappy, that's my 'K,K,K,K,K!' "

    Don't Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week

    • DJ Warrior, DJ Hideo and Crooked I's Cali Untouchable Radio Pt. 4
    • Styles P's Ghost in the Shell
    • DJ Neptune's Internationally Known (Love It or Hate It)
    • Tapemasters Inc's The On Air Collection Volume 1
    • Clinton Sparks and the Clipse's We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1

    'Hood's Heavy Rotation: Bubbling Below The Radar
    • Game featuring Tony Yayo - "Runnin"

    • Styles P - "I'm Black"

    • Amerie - "One Thing"

    • R. Kelly - "Sex in the Kitchen"

    • Corey Gunz - "Comfort and Joy"

    • Damani, Sly Boogy and Bishop Lamont - "LA"

      Celebrity Favs

      T.I. is bringing them out to record stores and concert venues in droves, but what does it take to get him out on the dance floor? "It has to be a good one," he said with a chuckle. So what is Tip feeling? "I was just out last night. It goes from Snoop's 'Lets Get Blown' to the Game and 50 Cent ['How We Do']. That 'Shorty Wanna Ride With Me,' that sh-- is jamming. It was a song that came on last night that had Magic City moving. ... Oh, that one 'Lover and Friends.' That got the people moving."

      The Streets Is Talking: News & Notes From The Underground

      The Clipse have a new mixtape, but where's the new album? They were supposed to drop one in December 2003. Pusha T said it wasn't that their sophomore LP, Hell Hath No Fury, wasn't recorded in time to make the release date, it's that the Virginia duo have just been in record-label purgatory since Arista merged with Jive. "L.A. Reid signed me and he knew what this was," T explained. "He knew what it takes to get these street record poppin'. You go to Jive, the home of Britney and Justin, that ain't my speed. That's not the Clipse's speed." Pusha said if they stay on Jive, they'll need to be assured their album will be promoted to their standards. Either way, he's optimistic it'll be out in the second quarter. In the meantime, they've started up their own label, Re-Up Records, and have a new crew, the Re-Up Gang, comprised of the Clipse, longtime friend Ab-Liva and the Sandman. The crew releases its creative juices on We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1, rapping over original beats from people like the Neptunes and Mel-Man. When they do use soundscapes that have been previously heard, they go the obscure route. "Kanye did a joint for Jin that was stupid that I never heard in my life, and we found that," Pusha said. "Timbaland did a joint for Ray J that never came out; we yanked that quick. ... We wanted to give you the feel of the Clue tapes when the LOX rapped on top and in the middle back in the day. [Something like] the Bad Boy mixtapes back in the day. Doo-Wop's 95 Live. I just wanted to take it back a little bit to where n---as was really, really bustin'." The Re-Up Gang are starting We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2 this week, and the Clipse are working on a remix of "I'm a Hustla" with Cassidy and just finished up a song for the upcoming ODB record. ...

      Just when you think you've figured which angle Cool & Dre will be coming from, they switch their whole steez up. Nobody would've figured they'd give Game that soul sound for his duet with 50 Cent, "Hate It or Love It," on The Documentary. The producers themselves didn't even know how well the song would come out. "I'm driving around three days ago and I hear that on the radio," Cool said. "It's such a real record. It's one of them records Pac would have released." Cool said the track was originally given to Sha Money XL for 50 but wound up on Game's album, which is cool with them. "We had the beat for a while," Cool said, "then we let a few people hear it. Syleena Johnson had wanted the beat for a while. ... I would have never pictured Game on that record. When we did the beat, I told Dre I could hear 50 on the record. I think it's incredible. I think they complement each other real well. They just have good chemistry together." Cool and Dre have been dishing out their tracks like two short-order cooks the past few weeks. They went back in the lab to work with Fat Joe on the Things of That Nature LP, and Q-Tip was so excited about the tracks they gave him that he started freestyling over them in his car and promised to write the tracks that night. The duo also have Mase ready to make another comeback, and P. Diddy enlisted the two for his Against All Odds LP. Then there's Joe Budden, whose latest street record, "Corners," pays homage to a line made famous by "The Wire" character Avon Barksdale. "Joe Budden called me up on the phone and was like, 'I need some sh-- from y'all,' " Dre said. "We was watching 'The Wire' ... and Barksdale was like, 'I need my mutha----in' corners!' I came up with the chorus right then and there." ...

      Ras Kass is back. Released December 21 from California's Corcoran State Prison after serving a two-year sentence for his third DUI conviction, the Los Angeles MC is ready to return to the mic. "I wrote 100 songs, and they're all fire, and I have a lot of producers, both known and unknown, sending me beat tapes," he said. "So now I am finding tracks to marry to my songs. It's a complicated process because I'm used to writing to a beat." While Ras may have enough material for a few albums, it may be some time before fans can get their hands on one. The rapper is currently involved in a breach-of-contract suit he filed against Priority Records for shelving his last two albums. Ras couldn't say much about the case, as it is still in litigation, but he believes it should be resolved soon. In the meantime, other labels have been courting him, and there's always street releases. "[Fans] are going to get damn near a new album anyway," he promised. "I'm going to do a mixtape with new material, freestyles over classic tracks and some new stuff." ...

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