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A girl who sells more than 5 million copies of her debut album deserves to sit around in her pajamas and do things on her own terms for a little while.

And Avril Lavigne is doing just that. MTV's "Diary" recently caught up with Napanee, Ontario's most famous export at the Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto, where she's skipping a few showers and churning out songs with her guitarist Evan Taubenfeld for the follow-up to Let Go. (You can catch "Diary: Avril Lavigne" on Saturday, July 26 at 1:30 p.m. ET and Sunday, July 27 at 8 a.m. ET.)

Here's how it went ...

MTV: What have you been doing here at the hotel? What's a normal day like for you here?

  Avril On The Road
  Avril Lavigne: I'm waking up and writing every single day. Evan and I wake up and we get breakfast and then we hop into the living room or family room or TV room and start writing right away. It's been really great. I'm excited and I'm getting songs I like.

In the morning I don't have to worry about what clothes to wear because I just put on my pajamas, basically. I stay in my pajamas all day. I don't have to shower. I don't have to look decent. I don't have to face any cameras. I don't have to smell good. I don't have to be presentable. And it's great, you know? I go to bed when I want, get up when I want. I don't have to go anywhere, it's all just chill.

MTV: What are you doing right now?

Lavigne: Evan's up there reading. I was just playing a Gob song [on my guitar] called "Give Up the Grudge." They're an awesome band — they opened for us on my tour. But I suck at guitar. I'm a lot better than I was before, though. I taught myself, I've never had lessons. I don't know how to read music, I just go by ear I guess.

   "Complicated" (live)
Let Go

   "Sk8er Boi"
Let Go

   "Anything But Ordinary"
Let Go

   "Things I'll Never Say"
Let Go

MTV: What's in your journals?

Lavigne: My journals are the most important things. I never do the thing where I go to bed and write about my day. My journals are just poems or just brainstorming all my feelings, like writing all my feelings out — when I'm upset, usually. So my journals are pretty much songs only.

MTV: Do you guys plan on recording in the room?

Lavigne: Not for the record. We'll just lay down an acoustic guitar and my vocals just quickly enough to send to a producer to show him the song.

MTV: What's the songwriting process been like this time around?

Lavigne: I've been dying to write. When I get a day off on the road I just go to Evan's room or he would go to mine and we'd sit there and I would totally just spit out songs. And it just feels so good and we'd be so excited but we couldn't do anything about it. We couldn't go to the studio and record them. So we have a ton of songs that we've written on the road.

I haven't talked much about the songs in interviews because I like to keep that stuff kinda quiet. [If you talk about them then] they start asking you, "What's it about?" and "What's your next record gonna sound like?" And it's like, "Shh, don't go there, let me concentrate. Just let me focus." I don't want to feel pressure from media, from the public. I don't want people going, "Blah blah blah, she says this. Her next record is gonna sound like this." They'll start saying that I said it's gonna sound [a certain way] when I didn't even say what it's gonna sound like.

MTV: How does it feel to write songs on your own terms?

Lavigne: I've always been able to write songs on my own. Did any of them go on my first record? No. I had about 30 songs recorded for my first record and picked the best ones for that album. I actually never recorded any of the songs that I've written on my own. But this time around I will. And that's gonna probably be one of the most amazing feelings. I will be very proud of myself.

The [new songs are] very me and so I'm looking forward to the next record and touring off of it. I wonder how people are gonna take it. I don't think it'll be as poppy as Let Go. But it'll be more rock. And like more intimate lyrics, like more my kind of lyrics. Personal, really deep or whatever.

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Photo: MTV

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