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Shawn and Gloria Carter
"She served as the Don King," Jay laughs about his mother's intervention and mediation. "She Don Kinged that whole situation when he came to my house. I just really got the chance to air it out. Tell him everything that I felt. Yo, my pop is stubborn. I see where I get it from. When I was talking to him I was like, I understand why I am the way I am. I got the chance to tell him how I was affected by him leaving and things like that. Then I was cool with it. That's what that verse [on 'Moment of Clarity'] was about. I'm like, 'Yo, it wasn't your fault.' All the things that I was blaming him for through my career and through the albums, as I grew I realized it wasn't all his fault."

The reunion provided one of the most sought-after resolutions in Jay's life. He cleaned out his closet and was ready for a new beginning. But Reeves was suffering and knew he didn't have much longer to live.

Aware of his father's condition, Jay bought his father an apartment and furnishings so he could live out his last days in comfort. Reeves died on June 18, the same night pro athletes, rappers, singers and actors were helping Jay celebrate the grand opening of his 40/40 Club in New York. 

  Jay-Z 40/40 Club opening
 "I was just really glad that we got the chance to talk," Jay says of his loss. " I knew it was coming. It's almost like somebody is ready to punch you in the face and you know it and it's coming really slow. It's almost frustrating. I wish you'd punched me in the face already. I don't want you to think that I was happy that he passed away, but it was almost a relief."

The relationship between Jay and his father serves as a blueprint of how he does not want to end up with his children in the future. He literally wants to be a hands-on dad. "I don't know, a big boat somewhere, throwing a couple kids in the air," Jigga said about where he wants to be in six years.

Flashes of his new desires appear in his music, like in "Excuse Me Miss." He's lived the life, indulged in the women, and now he's ready to settle down and have a few young, Young Hovas.

"I carry my nephews like my sons, always have and they have filled that void for me. But it has definitely come a time where I want to have my own family. Absolutely."

Jay's paternal instincts are making it easier for him to step out of the limelight. Instead of being in a club surrounded by models, he'd rather be at home, with his family. People close to him say this is the happiest they've ever seen him and that his relationship with Beyoncé has had the heaviest impact on that. Jay, however, won't talk about his relationship with the singer.

He'll speak about retirement, though, his definition of which doesn't match that of the average working-class Joe. Jay's left the door open for us to yell "Welcome back, Carter," saying that he won't make any albums or guest appearances for at least "a year, maybe two," unless somebody disses him on wax. Then he may decide to "have a little fun."

And he of course has other work he wants to do. He has his eyes set on acting. He wants to open his own movie house. An S.C. clothing line is coming down the pike to go along with his S. Carter Collection tennis shoe. And don't think he'll be giving up any of his interest in his already thriving companies Roc-A-Fella Records, Roc-A-Wear and Armadale vodka. 

Despite his unwillingness to commit to a real retirement, per se, we've probably heard the last Jay-Z album. With The Black Album's debut at #1 on the Billboard albums chart (more than 463,000 copies sold), it doesn't seem like Jay has any unturned stones to bring him back for another full-length. The victory lap has begun and he's successfully passed the first leg in his run.

Jay-Z and Michael Jordan
Besides, he's already seen what happened to the man he calls his sports equivalent, Michael Jordan, when the basketball legend made his most recent re-entrance into the game as only a shell of his former self.

"He's still the greatest basketball player ever, but he could have left it on such a perfect note," Jay laments. "He could have left it with 'Six [championships]. My second time I three-peated. It's done.' I'm not here to judge him, I guess he wasn't fulfilled within himself. Mike didn't have a prototype [before him to show] how bad it could be. I do, I have him. So it's going to take that much more for me to come back now. I already know how that movie ends. I don't know if I want to do that."

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