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 The investigation gets bogged down as officers encounter little cooperation in Jay's 'hood ...

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 Was Jay involved in a coke deal gone bad? And just who, exactly, witnessed the shooting? ...

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 Investigators theorize that someone tipped off the killer about Jay's whereabouts ...

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 50 Cent speaks out, and Ed Lover accuses Murder Inc. of living up to its name ...

Streets Is Watching ...

 But nobody's talking. Why aren't the people in Jam Master Jay's 'hood cooperating with police?

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 Complete coverage of the investigation.

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"The Scoon theory makes as much sense as anything," explained author Thigpen, who went back to many of Jay's old neighborhood haunts in researching his biography. "I tend to think the simpler explanations are the better with this case. A couple of Jay's friends told me that the falling out was over some Rolex watches that Jay went to get with Scoon, and they wound up getting ripped off. Scoon blamed Jay for the rip-off, and Jay said, 'Listen, we both got ripped off here.' Supposedly, they were both out $15,000. Scoon thought Jay was part of the rip-off."

Thigpen added, "Scoon was making phone calls from the South and turning up the heat on Jay shortly before the murder."

Early press accounts had speculated that because Jay had evidently run into tax problems with the IRS, he had gone into a cocaine transaction with Scoon, a suggestion that has left many Mizell family members and friends angry. "Some people were trying to say it was a coke deal, but I don't buy that," Thigpen said. "Firstly, as far as I can tell, Jay didn't use drugs — maybe smoked a little weed. Secondly, this guy was so street-smart, I don't think he would have been dumb enough to buy a large amount of coke with these characters. I think he also realized he had so much to risk with his family, and his business was going well."

Several law enforcement experts are surprised that the investigation has come to a grinding halt, given the fact that there were multiple witnesses to the execution-style shooting, several of whom had close ties to Jam Master Jay.

The Streets Is Watching ... But nobody in Jay's 'hood is talking to police. Click for more.
"That's the thing: there are witnesses," said Parker. "But people have gone on with their lives and they don't feel like getting involved with this anymore. Some of them have moved up in the music industry and they don't want to go through the innuendo, the negativity in the press."

The former NYPD officer says he also has firsthand knowledge that several witnesses were turned off by the hard-charging attitude taken by the detectives who interviewed them in the days after the murder. "I think the police alienated them somewhat. They came in too hard on them. But then again, that's just the way we act as cops sometimes."

Thigpen paints a more detailed picture about the identities of the witnesses who were in the studio that night. "One of the witnesses is Jay's sister's son," Thigpen said. "His stage name is Boe Skagz. He's actually Jay's nephew, the son of Jay's sister Bonita. The other guy is named Randy Allen, who is one of Jay's best friends from way back. Randy and Jay had an aspiring hip-hop group [called Rusty Waters]. Randy reportedly served some time for something related to cocaine. They were in the studio when this happened. And Randy's sister Lydia High was the one who opened the door and let the killer in.

"Lydia saw what happened, and I think Boe did, and Randy did, too. Lydia opened the door, and whoever [the killer] was, pushed her to the ground. Then he came to Jay and shot him at close range. Jay was playing a video game with a guy named Rincon, and as the shooter tried to flee he got tangled up with Rincon."

Rusty Waters' MDR and Boe Skagz
(Randy Allen, Boe Scagz and Linda High did not respond to repeated requests for comment.)

In the days following the murder, police issued a description of the gunman: a black male, between 6 feet and 6 feet 2 inches, weighing 180 to 200 pounds, and wearing a black sweat suit and black wool cap. But sources say that no suspect has been picked out of a photo array. "Rest assured, if they had an ID, they'd have made an arrest by now," Parker said.

According to police sources, Scoon has three arrests on his record, including two for robbery, but both robbery charges were dismissed. Scoon's only conviction was for possessing stolen property; he received a conditional discharge.

Despite the strong suspicions directed at Scoon, the NYPD has yet to interview him. "He's lawyered up," said Parker. "He's hired Marvyn Kornberg, a prominent attorney in Queens, who really knows the lay of the land and is a very smart attorney. The cops wanted to speak to his client, and Kornberg's not releasing his client to speak to anyone. He's already told the police, 'If you want to charge him, charge him.' "

Reached at his office in Queens, Kornberg said of Scoon: "He's not cooperating and he's not not cooperating. If they want him to come in, let them ask him to come in. But he's not volunteering to come in and give a statement."

The attorney added, "Therešs no requirement that he cooperate or give a statement to the police. ... Once you tell me that a client of mine is a target of your investigation, he's not making a statement."

NEXT: Investigators theorize that someone tipped off the killer about Jay's whereabouts ...
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Photo: © Glen E. Friedman (Burning Flags Press)

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