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 How did the feud start? Ja says ask 50 Cent, but don't believe the 'false story' ...

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 Ja overcomes the loss of his sister, schoolyard fights and religious family division ...

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 50 Cent and Ja Rule come to blows in Atlanta and later in New York ...

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 Ja says he'd be willing to sit down and talk things out with his rival ...

 "The Wrap" Takes A Look At 50 Cent Vs. Ja Rule

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Farrakhan: Ja, there's several lessons in what I'm hearing. Either we follow the public or we lead and teach the public. The public has an appetite for the beef. They love it. Now, we have to get them to have an appetite for something better than the destruction of one another. Hip-hop says we are thugs, we come up out of the street and now we've learned to rap, which is a tremendous art form. But now the enemy of all of us is watching. A war is about to come down on the rap community. When you and 50 throw down, it goes all the way down into the streets. Now what I see is, somebody intended to kill 50. You don't shoot somebody nine times for them to come up. So, if he's wiped out with all his popularity, and they can even subtly suggest that you or your people did it, then those that love 50 turn their guns on Ja. This has to end at some point and we need to educate the public. Don't call for Ja to clap back at 50, and 50 to clap back at Ja, when we've lost Biggie and Tupac, or we lose Ja and 50.

If you let the public dictate and you continue to follow that, the end result will be death and destruction. 50, you and me, we gotta sit down at a common table and work out the way hip-hop will go to the next level. The grave is where we are right now, mentally, and we gotta come up out of that. The power to come up out of that is the wisdom you gain as a result of increasing your knowledge and understanding. Then you feed that gently into your lyrics so the public says, "I'm glad Ja taught me better, because I was about to throw down and kill my brother." Like you said, Ja don't like 50 and 50 don't like Ja. There's a battle, but it's going from words to the gun. And we have to stop that. Your career doesn't depend on the public clamor. You think it does, but you have to feed the public something better and tell them why. "Yeah, I'm a clap-back man, but I don't wanna clap back because if I do and you die, your blood is on my hands and I don't want that." I believe we can come through this. Nobody on our level can bridge what you feel for 50 and what 50 feels for you. God sees we're on the brink of a fire pit, but he don't want you or 50 or any of our youth burned. He wants to save us from that pit and unite your hearts so that you become brothers even though today, at this moment, you see yourselves as enemies. I love Ja, 50, Irv and [Violator Records CEO Chris] Lighty. Ain't none of you that I don't love, because I see beyond where you are to what I know we're capable of becoming. I don't believe you've reached your full potential yet, Ja.

Ja Rule: I don't believe it either.

Farrakhan: I know there's a world for you out there beyond even the world you've touched. Look at the fame God has given you. You didn't just do hip-hop. You wrote songs, you appealed to sisters with beautiful lyrics and whatnot. You are broad, very broad. You can touch that genre and you can go all the way over, that's an artist. I would like to ask if Ja would be willing to sit as quickly as we can with the rest of the brothers with whom there's a beef, and I'll do my best to bring about peace so that you and 50 can continue your careers. But above all, to save young people from a plot that is bigger than you and 50 and all the others who have a beef. Would you be willing to sit with others to bring that about, Ja?

Ja Rule: Absolutely, because I see the bigger picture you are talking about. It's not about me and 50's personal beef. It's about the overall state of hip-hop and the children coming up watching and learning and pitting themselves against each other because one rapper says he doesn't like the other rapper. I see a bigger picture. For the sake of our children and things like that, the well-being of hip-hop and what you are saying, I understand it. I'd be very crazy and disrespectful to say I wouldn't sit down at that table and try to help hip-hop.

Farrakhan: The two of you will heal so many wounds if you come together, wounds you don't even see. Suppose after that we organize a peace tour with you and 50 tearing up the country and the world. The youth will say, "He can clap back and then take it to another level." And let everyone go outta there feeling the power of their youth and strength and the newness of this young man who is really the formation of a whole new world. The Bible says, when the children of Israel came up under Pharaoh, God told Moses to let the old ones die out in the wilderness, and He would take their children and they would inhabit the promised land. I see the promise of everyone who died in slavery in you all. I see the strength in you, but I see that the generation needs direction. You have everything you need to become powerful except guidance, direction. If I can supply that, my brothers can go out and build a whole new reality for themselves and our people. And those three lovely children you have will never be at no graveside mourning because someone took out their daddy in the night over some foolishness. May God bless you, Ja. May God bless you, Irv. May God bless 50 and the crew that flows with him. May God bless hip-hop to rise to its full potential and make the youth of the world instruments of peace rather than instruments of death. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. Thank you all.

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