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 "The same way the South gets crunk the Bay gets hyphy" ...

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 "The dreadlocks shaking, riding with all four doors open. It's how the kids are feeling these days" ...

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 "As soon as the song came on, people started jumping through the windows, swinging from the sprinkler systems" ...

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An anthem indeed. Not only are some of the Bay favorites like B-Legit and Richie Rich in the Ambassador's Club tonight, but MTV's own Sway, an Oakland native, has decided to go up into the DJ booth with the area's current reigning DJ, Big Von. The crowd is not hyphy enough for Sway.

"We gonna do this one more time for the world!" Sway yells. "Let's celebrate with the Federation. Big Von: Throw it on!"

Von plays the record for a second time, and bodies are literally bouncing off of each other, sweat is flying like like crack cocaine references on an episode of "The Wire." Still, Sway is not satisfied.

  Sway amps the crowd at the Federation album-release party
"A lot of these cats need to run [around Oakland's] Lake Merritt," Sway laments. "They look tired! People in the front, look at the people in the back: They [messing] it up for y'all. I need everybody in this room to get involved! Yay Area, are y'all ready? Big Von! Let it drop one more time!"

Finally, as a man hangs off a railing, another man is holding his sunglasses in the air — sunglasses that happen to have giant dollar signs where the eyes are — and the room throbs to the beat, Sway is content with his hometown crowd.

Shyne may be gone, but he's not forgotten. Since he's been incarcerated, several of his peers have shouted him out in song.

Back in the '80s, when Hulkmania was at its peak, the WWF's then-champion Hulk Hogan had one unbelievable run, knocking down opponents like "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Ugandan Headhunter Kamala. Hulk's key? The way he could rally from a whuppin' in every match. His famous "Hulking Up" move — where he would shake feverishly — signaled to everyone in the arena that the man with the 24-inch pythons was about to come back and administer his atomic leg drop not too long after. That's hyphy, brotha.

We all love Flavoooooor Flav! So let's give him his props. If wearing that giant clock around his neck for these years isn't hyphy enough for ya, just think about his patented Flavor dance: He spazzes out, gyrating his hips, kicking up his knees and holding his hands in front of his face, among other wild-child antics. That's hyphy, G.

"Everybody can come together. This is like a family for me, coming back to the Bay and seeing everyone coming together and we all having fun. We can bring the Bay Area back on the map and this how we gonna do it! Y'all gotta support these Bay Area talents!"

Sway's sentiments were being followed before he even said them. The Bay has been showing "hella" love to their hometown teams: Indie acts like San Quinn, the Team and Turf Talk are regularly spun on the radio and in the clubs with their own brand of hyphy. And Von hopes the movement will spread far beyond the Bay.

"There are songs that have always been hot, like [Cam'ron's] 'Welcome to New York City' or [Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris'] 'Welcome to Atlanta,' but we in the Bay never had that," he says. "We're finally hearing a record from where you from, talking about what you talk about: the scrapers, the stunners, hyphy, the dreads shaking. We happy to have that. It's like a release. [The fans] are so happy to have something of their own.

"In San Francisco, about a month ago," he continues, "I saw that as soon as the song came on, people started jumping through the windows, swinging from the sprinkler systems. I was like 'Alright, we got a hit!'

"Hopefully, we can work it to the rest of the world."

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Photo: MTV News

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