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Watch the gloves come off as the brain trust wrestles over who is today's flyest MC!

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I gotta give my top 10: Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, T.I., 50, Fat Joe, Kanye, Ludacris, [Juelz] Santana, Yung Joc, Young Dro.

Yams, 29
Asheville, NC

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hy He's Hot
Look for plumes of smoke when Game's in the vicinity: chances are the Compton, California, native is somewhere nearby, bodying a track. Lyrically, he has stayed aggressive enough to continue to pester and defame the entire G-Unit by himself, and stave off any talk that he couldn't have a successful career without the backing of his former camp-mates. Game's mic draws a lot from his vast respect for and knowledge of hip-hop's rich history, and quite frankly, his mouth is unpredictable. He's maintained fearlessness and sometimes alluring recklessness on commercial releases such as "Wouldn't Get Far" and underground blasters like "Body Bags."

On the mixtape circuit, he has stayed omnipresent — like a new MC who was hungry to be deemed nice by the community — by releasing street CDs and DVDs. And so what if Doctor's Advocate didn't have a huge #1 single or sell as much as his timeless debut, the blockbuster The Documentary? Game's second album was still a classic and solidified him as one of today's elite. Easily one of the top five hip-hop albums to drop in the past year, with The Documentary, the man who once called himself "the Hurricane" launched impressively tormenting narratives of torrential times in records like "Ol' English," "Doctor's Advocate" and "One Night," while "It's Okay (One Blood)" fractured concrete and eardrums alike. The song's remix was one of the biggest in history, with more than 20 artists wanting to be down with the event.

Game did disappoint the fans big time, though, with just one statement. For now, he's saying that he's not giving himself a chance to become a legend — that his next album will be his last. But he has been known to change his mind, so let's not hold him to his word on that one.

Co-Signer: Jim Jones
"[I first heard of him because] the homies from the city, they was like, 'You heard this kid Game? I think he's Eazy-E's son! He's spitting hard. He's riding that vibe.' I reached out to him, the feelings was mutual. He flew to New York, one of his first trips to NYC. I scooped him up. We been locked in ever since. I respect his hustle, his grind. Above all else, he knew what goal he had to achieve. [After he left G-Unit,] it was like when Ice Cube had to leave [N.W.A]. He was over on the East Coast for a while, got his mind together, he came back and slaughtered. [Game] absorbed the game and did what he had to do to execute it. He still popped off. Now he's about to retire, so he must have his paper together."

Blistering Ballistics
"I thought you loved me n---a, talk is cheap/ Remember, the bullet holes in my son's car seat?/ My baby mama found four shells/ I ain't get one 'Keep your head up,' all I got was 'Keep it real'/ Keep it real, my n---as?/ Last year alone I spent 1.5 mil on my n---as/ After the bullsh--, I stayed right there/ Took you to award shows, there go Jay right there/ 'Where?' 'Right there!'/ I had all you n---as in suits, cleaner than a pair of fresh Nike Airs." ("One Night")

Hot Streak

  • Albums

  • Doctor's Advocate (2006)

  • Selected Mixtapes

  • YouKnowWhatItIs, Vol. 3 and 4

  • Singles
  • "It's Okay (One Blood)," "Wouldn't Get Far" (featuring Kanye West), "Let's Ride"

  • Street Bangers

  • "It's Okay (One Blood)" remix, "Too Much" (featuring Nate Dogg), "Compton," "Why You Hate the Game" (featuring Nas)

  • Key Guest Appearances

  • Nas' "Hustlers"

  • Business Ventures

  • CEO of Black Wall Street Records

  • Tours

  • Various

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