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I gotta give my top 10: Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, T.I., 50, Fat Joe, Kanye, Ludacris, [Juelz] Santana, Yung Joc, Young Dro.

Yams, 29
Asheville, NC

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hy He's Hot
The Dipset capo may not have raw skills like some of the other MCs on this list, but what he lacks in a traditional category like lyrical ability, he more than compensates with his winning swagger and passion for the game. Jimmy has come a long way from being Cam'ron's hypeman back in the day. Single-handedly, he launched the whole rock-star-in-the-'hood movement: From his skull-and-bones look down to his chained wallet, Jones has more clones on the block than an old zombie flick.

But it ain't just Jones' True Religion jeans that helped him make the cut. Check last year's Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) and you'll find more than enough proof that Jimmy has fully come into his own as one of the top voices of the streets. From a vulnerable joint like "Emotionless" to the full-on rumble of "Reppin' Time," he's expanding his subject matter and developing more than ever as an artist.

But the main reason why he's hot shouldn't be much of a surprise, and it comes down to one word: "Baaaaallin'!" Jones' "We Fly High" ad-lib and the hoop-shot dance from the video became an unlikely pop-culture phenomenon. Just about anywhere you went — from Cali to Coney Island — you heard the song and saw someone doing the dance. Even the New York Giants adopted the move as a ritual after a big play, solidifying Jones' status as a true rap star.

Jimmy returned the love, putting together a Giants remix of the song, which became the first of a ton of remixes he's done in the past year. His phone blew up with calls from DJ Unk, Rich Boy and Game, making him one of the most-requested MCs. The calls kept coming as Jimmy went on tour with Jeezy in the spring, but soon setbacks and tragedy popped up when he went public with his feud with Cam'ron, and his close friend and Byrd Gang member Stack Bundles was murdered in June. With another close friend home from prison in Max B. and a Byrd Gang album on the way, hopefully things will improve for Jones.

Co-Signer: T.I.
"Jim got his swag together this year. He really popped himself off. He's [a hustler] like Jeezy — when people first started hearing about Jeezy, it wasn't for rapping. I think Jim gets the same ... that goes with street cred. Street cred and swagger. That's why I feel he should be high up on the list. I mean, he had a hit record: A no-brainer, an unadulterated hit record, not just something that some people liked and it got drilled into your head so much you got forced to like it. You gotta give credit when credit is due."

Blistering Ballistics
"The young and the restless live life reckless (Harlem!)/ House money on the necklace, the pigs want him arrested/ 'Cause I'm obsessed with the guns and the vests (I love them)/ 'Cause when you getting cake, the candles come with a death wish/ The rock star living (What else?), the hot cars and women (Lavish life)/ Let God forgive him, hope the cop cars don't get 'em (Squalie!)/ This is for them n---as that, at the club throwing stacks (Baalllin'!)/ It's 'Star Wars,' they threw two, I threw four back/ And I'm back, it's Mr. New York City/ My hat to the back, I stay higher than a Frisbee" ("Reppin' Time")

Hot Streak

  • Albums
  • Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) (2006)

  • Selected Mixtapes
  • Jim Jones Presents: M.O.B. (Members of Byrdgang), DJ Drama & Jim Jones: The Seven Day Theory

  • Singles
  • "We Fly High," "Emotionless"

  • Street Bangers
  • "We Fly High" remix (featuring Diddy, T.I., Juelz Santana, Birdman and Young Dro); "We Fly High" beef mix with Jay-Z verse (featuring Juelz Santana); "Reppin' Time"; "Weatherman" (featuring Lil Wayne and Stack Bundles)

  • Key Guest Appearances
  • DJ Unk's "Walk It Out" and "2 Step" remixes, Rich Boy's "Throw Some D's" remix, Shop Boyz's "Party Like a Rockstar" remix, Game's "It's Okay (One Blood)" remix, Lil' Flip's "I Get Money," Pitbull's "Sticky Icky"

  • Business Ventures
  • Launching Nostic Apparel clothing line, CEO of Byrdgang record label, co-CEO of Diplomats Records, co-CEO of Sizzurp liquor, director of A&R for Warner Music Group.

  • Tours
  • Young Jeezy's I Am the Street Dream tour (spring 2007)

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Photo: Byrd Gang

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