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 Grohl gets buried alive, uses VMA trophy as toilet-paper dispenser ...

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 Eddie Vedder witnesses UFO, a young Grohl stalks his hockey hero ...

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Loder: OK, your record label's called Roswell after the New Mexico town where in the '40s allegedly flying saucers landed — I investigated that a couple years ago; that's bullsh-- — and you did a walk on in "The X-Files." Have you ever had a close encounter of your own?

Grohl: No, but I used to have freaky dreams about UFOs and stuff. And when I was a kid I really wanted to see a UFO. I would just lie in my front yard, [saying,] "Take me, I'm here, can you hear me?" But no, I never saw one. Also, I think, in like fifth or sixth grade I found out about Project Blue Book, which is ...

Loder: The Air Force thing to track UFOs ...

Grohl: And so I got really into being an investigative UFO expert. I'd go around to friends' houses and see dead grass and be like, "See, that's defiantly, um, an indication of some form of lifeform landing in your, you know, back yard." ... I have seen some weird stuff, actually. On a Foo Fighters tour when we were driving through Arizona we saw some really weird stuff that we had no idea what it was, and they looked like weird little explosions going in a circle and moving through the sky, and all of us saw it. Eddie Vedder saw it. Like, all of us saw this thing happening, and then there were helicopters flying around and ...

Loder: Black helicopters kind of thing?

Grohl: Yeah, and then we got pulled over by these dudes in black suits and black ties and glasses, and then I woke up four days later. Um, no, I've never really seen anything too freaky, but it's like, it's that romantic notion that there's something out there, you know, that ...

Loder: Yeah, yeah, there's another dimension.

Grohl: Dude it all goes back to my claustrophobia, man.

Loder: It probably does.

Grohl: Dude, I'm really opening up here. (He laughs.) I'm really figuring stuff out.

Loder: Your turn to pick a question.

Grohl: "My Hero."

Loder: So you met or you ran into — I think it might be at the Winter Olympics — one of your favorite people, Jim Craig. How did you become a fan of his? Are you just a hockey fan?

  "So I full-on stalked him..."
Grohl: When the U.S. team pulled the big victory over Russia in 1980, that was big for me. I played hockey as a kid, and I was really into the Olympics that year, and I wanted to be a hockey goalie more than anything, I think, just because they had the most gear or the cool big things on the legs. But he was just a kick-ass goalie, too. I mean, the guy was really something else. And it's funny because at the time I was so obsessed with this guy. To me he was just Superman. I just thought he was the greatest American hero. And I got a Sports Illustrated that said something about his small hometown of Blah Blah Blah, Massachusetts. So I full-on stalked him. I went straight to the 411 like, "Yeah, in Worcester, Massachusetts, mmm hmm, Jim Craig." I got like six of them and called them all just to say congratulations.

Loder: Did you congratulate them all?

Grohl: Yeah, "Congratulations on ..." "Kiss my ass!" So then we played at the Olympics this year and I heard that he was there, and I just asked someone if they could invite him down to the show. Unfortunately he was doing another event outside of town, some, I think it was a charity for children or something, but I got to talk to him on the phone and it was really something else. I mean, to me it was like getting a phone call from the president.

Loder: Did he remember the call, the old call from years before, or did you remind him of that?

Grohl: No, I didn't mention that, actually. "Dude, I stalked you, and I was in Nirvana." But no, he just basically, what did he say ... I was really nervous for the show, you know, the Olympics and all. It was freezing cold, I was pretty nervous, and I just basically said, "You know, man, in some way or another you inspired me as a child. You just gave me this feeling of, I don't know, hope or something, and you kick ass." And he said something to me ... about an hour before we went on, like, "Well, what we pulled off in 1980 I'm sure you'll pull off tonight, and you know, what you're doing is great and with every ounce of your heart tonight just sing it for the kids." It was awesome. It was like "The Right Stuff," you know? It was insane. That guy's so kick-ass.

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