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Game stoically offers that he's been to more funerals (17 in all) than he's been to actual church services. He talks about the loss of his best friend, Chuck, who was murdered in 1999, and his other homie Billboard, a.k.a. Four Cent, an aspiring rapper down with Black Wall Street who was killed last summer. As an homage, Game tattooed the name "Chuck" on his right hand and has a tattoo of Billboard on his left arm. All the death he's seen has him numb to worrying about his own fate.

"No, nah, dying is something that I'm pretty [comfortable] with," he says. "What I am scared of — and not really scared, it's more like a tiny fear — is that I won't get to accomplish all the things that I would have wanted to before death comes knocking at my door. So that's why I'm everywhere and all over everything. I won't miss an interview, I don't miss a radio spot, I'm on time, I gotta be everywhere. I want to say that I did it all. I'm trying to clear off my warrant so I can get my passport so I could go over to Europe with Snoop. I got the big Snoop tour coming in February and then I want to go around the world. I want to be one of those guys who could tell my son about Amsterdam and about France and tell him how it is. How the people are in New York. Not only tell him, but take him to those places."

  Photos of Game in the studio
For the past couple of years, though, the most likely place to find the scowling rap slayer has been in the studio. In 2001, while healing from his gunshot wounds, he couldn't do much of anything but lay in bed, watch BET, play PlayStation and listen to rap music. He studied such seminal albums as Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt and Notorious B.I.G.'s Ready to Die. Inspired, he began to write rhymes that he admits were initially wack. He caught on quick, though, developing skills.

Game hooked up with Bay Area rapper JT the Bigga Figga for a short stint and put out his first mixtape, Untold Story. He then ventured out for a major deal, but found little success. Eventually P. Diddy became interested, and Game almost signed with Bad Boy. But then Dr. Dre heard one of his street tapes and called. You know the rest.

"I opted for Aftermath since Dre was from Compton, I'm from Compton, you know ... I'll keep the whole N.W.A legacy going," he explains. "That's where I wanted to be.

"Dr. Dre, he got his own way, his order of operations that he likes to have," he says about working in the studio with the Doc. "And he had the successes of Snoop Dogg, then Eminem, then 50 Cent, then myself coming up, batting cleanup. He got the magic, man. At the end of the day, I wouldn't be nothing without Dre's beats. Without Dre's tutelage and him mentoring me for the last two-and-a-half years we wouldn't be standing out here doing this interview and I'd probably be part of the crowd and somebody else would be talking to you."

  Game featuring 50 Cent
"How We Do"
The Documentary
At Speed, though, like plenty of other places he's been performing, it's clear that Game has come out of the shadows and into his own.

He performs "Hate It or Love It" and "How We Do" — minus 50 — to close out the show.

"Ja Rule can ..." he yells out as the beat for "How We Do" starts off.

The crowd answers with: "... Suck my d---!"

Names like Irv Gotti, Ashanti, Joe Budden and Benzino follow, with the same call-and-response before the entire audience starts rapping the actual lyrics to the song.

"This ... is ... how ... we ... do!" they all yell.

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 "How We Do"
The Documentary

 "Westside Story" (live)
The Documentary