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 "I seen my dad and my moms go out and do drive-bys." ...

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 What scares Game more than dying? ...

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Being stabbed, taking a baseball bat to the face ... Game would have been lucky if these were the worst of his injuries. Most of Game's visible wounds, however, come from a night in November 2001 when most everyone knew him as Jayceon Taylor. One night he found himself lying face down on his stomach in a small puddle of blood saying his prayers. Eleven gunshots were let off in his "spot" by three gunmen. Several shots barely missed him as they whizzed through the air. Five, though, made contact. One ripped off a piece of his chest, one landed in his stomach, and another — one of the only bullets he actually felt — struck his leg, bringing him crashing to the floor as he tried to run down his hallway and get away.

  Game shows off his scars and his 'hood
Defenseless, he was prepared for what seemed like the inevitable: One of the gunmen would come and shoot him, execution-style, in the back of the head. As he began to make his peace with the Lord and await his demise, Jayceon saw his entire life play out in his mind like a movie. He saw his grandmother giving him the nickname that would serve as his stage moniker; he saw his mother teaching him how to ride a bike; he saw his father punching his mother, causing her to fall over a bed; he saw the birth of his sister.

What literally seemed like a lifetime turned out to be between 10 and 15 minutes. At the end of that time Game suddenly realized that the gunmen who tried to kill him had simply disappeared into the night.

"By the time I turned over ... they were gone," Game recalls. "So I crawled into the bathroom, I lifted myself onto the bathroom sink and I remember turning on the light switch and looking up. My wife-beater [white tank top] was blood-red, like the same color as this red shirt I have on now. I pulled it up to see where I was hit, and blood shot all over the mirror. I fell down in the corner from disbelief. I took the phone off my hip, called 911 and gave them my address and told them where I was at, and by the time I finished telling the story I woke up in the hospital with IVs in my arm a day and a half later."

Game, his brother Big Fase Hunned and a close friend of the family ran a dope spot out of an apartment located in Bellflower, California, on the outskirts of Compton, for about a year.

"My brother, he's more of a routine guy," Game says. "He's got a certain way, there's rules for everything. Like Biggie said, 'Ten Crack Commandments.' There's just things that you do and things that you don't do. Me, I've always been somebody that likes to challenge the rules a little bit."

One of his brother's rules was to close down the spot by midnight. Game, who was in the house by himself on that fateful night, saw things differently. He was playing "John Madden Football" on PlayStation 2 at about 2 a.m. when he got a knock at the door from one of his regular customers.

In pursuit of some fast loot, he opened the door; not only did his regular start shooting, but two more men rushed the door. Two out of three of Game's assailants were armed. The one that didn't have a weapon ran for Game's pistol, which was lying nearby.

"He saw my gun and saw an opportunity to get it. I kind of felt that I could beat him to it so I got up off the ground and I ran," Game says. "He ended up getting to the gun first, so I dove on him like Ray Lewis. This is my life about to end right here, so I dove on him. We ended up rolling on the floor, tussling for the gun, and believe it or not, I started to ease the gun out of his hand while his man is pointing. He can't shoot because we rolling, tussling and he might hit his man, he might hit me, who knows. So he don't shoot."

One, or more, of the guys did eventually shoot at Game, leaving him in a coma for almost two days. Still, once he recovered, Game didn't initially want to change his lifestyle. While he eventually scored a record deal with Dr. Dre and left his drug-dealing alone (though he was still slinging for a short period after he was signed), he hasn't left the 'hood behind.

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Photo: Jason Campbell

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